Rattler (comics)

Rattler (comics)


caption=Rattler, art by unknown.
real_name=Gustav Krueger
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Captain America" vol. 1 #310 (October 1985)
creators=Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary
species=Mutated Human
alliances=Thunderbolts Serpent Society
powers=Has a bionic tail that generates sonic vibrations used to create shockwaves, deflect projectiles, or disorient.|

The Rattler (Gustav Krueger) is a fictional character from the Marvel Comics Universe, and is a member of the Serpent Society.

Fictional character biography

Hailing from Germany, [more than one "Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe" source lists him as being born in "Breslau, Germany". In 1945, the city became part of Poland as Wrocław. Therefore, in his lifetime there was no such place as "Breslau, Germany," making his known birthplace apparently erroneous.] Rattler was given a bionic tail which he uses to create shockwaves and vibrations. This proved very useful in his first confrontation with Captain America, during the Rattler's initiation into the Serpent Society. ["Captain America" #310] He and his fellow Serpents Cobra and Anaconda were ambushed by the hero, but Rattler was able to use his tail to stop Captain America's shield from doing any damage. He later battled Captain America again after being tricked by the Porcupine, along with Diamondback, Death Adder, and Cottonmouth. During the ensuing fight with Captain America, Rattler used his bionic tail to send vibrations coursing through the hero's body, disorienting him. However, he was eventually thrown into a pillar by his tail, knocking him out for the battle.

The Rattler joined Viper during her invasion of the Serpent Society, and followed Cobra's instructions when he became leader. During the battle with the X-Men after Longshot had found the missing artifact they were searching for, Rattler created an avalanche by rattling his tail, though this took both Longshot and Rattler out in the process. The Rattler also participated in the battle against Force Works, where he initiated use of his "Rattling Gun", a gun that could supposedly create enough seismic waves to rattle someone's ribcage apart. He was eventually defeated by Hank Pym.

Very little is known about Rattler's past. He was very popular with the ladies of the Serpent Society, as Black Mamba recommended him to Diamondback for a "good time."

Civil War/The Initiative

Recently, he joined the group of criminals aiding the Thunderbolts during The Civil War, alongside fellow Serpent Society members Cobra and Bushmaster.

Gustav has been identified as one of the 142 registered superheroes who signed under the . ["" #1 cover] [ [http://www.marvel.com/news/comicstories.947 Avengers: The Initiative #1 Character Map] ]

He's recently appeared in "" as one of the villains in the bar.

Powers and abilities

Rattler possesses a bionic tail attached to his spine which he can use for a variety of tasks, including grasping small objects, hanging by his tail, and as a bludgeon. He also has the ability to generate sonic vibrations by activating mechanisms in the "rattle" at the tip of the tail for various effects, including creating shockwaves, deflecting projectiles, and inducing vertigo, disorientation, unconsciousness, internal hemorrhaging, and possible death in opponents.

Rattler is 85% deaf in both ears and wears electronic hearing aids in his cowl.

Other Marvel characters named Rattler

* This Rattler should not be confused with a villain of the same name who battled Two-Gun Kid and Rawhide Kid, the imposter of that villain, or a one-time Spider-Man villain.


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