Maki (disambiguation)

Maki (disambiguation)

Maki can refer to:

*Maki (Japanese name), a Japanese name
*Maki (current political party), the Communist Party of Israel, formerly known as Rakah.
*Maki (historical political party), the original Communist Party of Israel, which disappeared in the 1970s.
*Maki (constructor), a Grand Prix racing constructor.
*At least two places in Japan:
**Maki, Niigata (Kubiki)
**Maki, Niigata (Kambara)
*Makizushi, a variety of sushi.
*"Maki" (巻き), is also the Japanese word for "roll", as in spring roll.)
*The word "maki" is another name for a Lemur.
*The word "maki" is another name for a Levente.
*Ziro Maki, physicist
**Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata Matrix, a theoretical physics construct used in the study of neutrinos.
*Maki Stavros, professional nugget and moped rider
*.maki is an extension used for Winamp scripting files.
*the Finnish last name Mäki ('hill') in its Americanized form
**Taisto Mäki, a Finnish long-distance runner.

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