List of Detroit blues musicians

List of Detroit blues musicians

The following is a list of Detroit blues musicians


*Alberta Adams


*Boogie Woogie Red - (October 18, 1925 – 1985) Born in Rayville, Louisiana as Vernon Harrison, Red was a boogie-woogie and piano blues pianist on the Detroit blues scene who recorded two albums for Blind Pig Records that are now out of print. He also recorded and performed frequently with John Lee Hooker.

*Eddie "Guitar" Burns


*Joe Lee Carter
*Sylvester Cotton


*Calvin Frazier


*John Lee Hooker - (August 22, 1917 – June 21, 2001) Born in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Hooker was an acoustic and electric guitarist and singer whom was perhaps the most well known exponent of the Delta blues sound, though he also performed Detroit blues. He also recorded countless albums under the names of Texas Slim, Delta John and, of course, John Lee Hooker.


*Bobo Jenkins


*Motor City Rhythm & Blues Pioneers


*Boogie Woogie Red
*Doctor Ross

*Little Sonny
*Nolan Strong


*Baby Boy Warren - (August 13, 1919 – July 1, 1977) Born in Lake Providence, Louisiana as Robert Warren, but raised in Memphis, guitarist and singer Warren was a stalwart of the Detroit blues scene. He released some solo albums and worked also as a backup artist for people like Sonny Boy Williamson.

*Joe Weaver
*Andre Williams


*Emmanuel Young



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