Fore Thought Entertainment QuakeWorld

Fore Thought Entertainment QuakeWorld

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developer = Spike
latest_release_version = Build 3343
latest_release_date = February 15, 2008
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Fore Thought Entertainment QuakeWorld is one of the modern free software Quake engines. In addition to QuakeWorld, FTE can also run Quake I, Quake II, Quake III, Nexuiz, and Hexen II games. The main goal of the FTEQW client is to improve the Quake engine without losing backwards compatibility.

The FTEQW engine can render graphics in OpenGL, Direct3D & Software rendering.


Part of the FTE QuakeWorld project. FTEQCC boasts many unique features, language constructs, and even some optimisations. FTEQCC is probably the best QC compiler if you're after the smallest progs. It is also the compiler with the most C like code.

FTEQCC was originally begun to supplement FTE's FTE_MULTIPROGS extension. It was coded primarily by Spike, from id's original qcc source code though it does contain a fair amount of FrikQCC code and ideas (thanks FrikaC). There are contributions from others also.


FTEQTV is a streaming proxy. It is designed to sit somewhere between a compatible server, and any standard client. It was written from scratch by Spike.

It was the first widely used and tested QuakeTV, it's development started in September 2005. It transfers MVD data (known as MultiViewDemo files) over TCP. The result is a reliable buffered connection, providing smooth action.

FTE QuakeTV seeks to replace Qizmo observer mode when observing crowded matches.

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