List of The Shield writers and directors

List of The Shield writers and directors

"The Shield", a popular FX original series, revolving around LAPD Detective Vic Mackey and his department, had numerous directors and writers during the series run.__toc__

Directing staff

Before directing "The Shield", many of the directors of the series worked on other programs by other television networks. Many of the directors also have background in independent films. Series star, Michael Chiklis was credited for directing three episodes.

Main directors

*Guy Ferland (11 episodes, 2002–2007)
*Scott Brazil (11 episodes, 2002–2005)
*Clark Johnson (8 episodes, 2002–2007)
*Dean White (6 episodes, 2004–2007)
*Stephen Kay (5 episodes, 2004–2006)

Frequent directors

*Paris Barclay (3 episodes, 2003–2007)
*Nick Gomez (3 episodes, 2002–2005)
*D. J. Caruso (3 episodes, 2002–2006)
*Peter Horton (3 episodes, 2003–2004)
*Michael Chiklis (3 episodes, 2004–2007)
*Felix Alcala (2 episodes, 2003–2004)
*Philip G. Atwell (2 episodes, 2005–2006)
*Gwyneth Horder-Payton (2 episodes, 2006–2007)

Directors of only one episode:

*Gary Fleder ("Our Gang", 2002)
*Stephen Gyllenhaal ("Dawg Days", 2002)
*Leslie Libman ("Throwaway", 2002)
*John Badham ("Dead Soldiers", 2003)
*Terrence O'Hara ("Greenlit", 2003)
*Scott Winant ("Barnstormers", 2003)
*Davis Guggenheim ("Coyotes", 2003)
*Brad Anderson ("Inferno", 2003)
*David Mamet ("Strays", 2004)
*Vondie Curtis-Hall ("Insurgents", 2005)
*David Von Ancken ("Judas Priest", 2005)
*Michael Fields ("On the Jones", 2007)
*Frank Darabont ("Chasing Ghosts", 2007)
*Rohn Schmidt ("The Math of the Wrath", 2007)

Writing staff

Many of the writers and producers of "The Shield" wrote for television prior to the series. Writing team Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain worked with creator, Shawn Ryan, on "Angel".

Head writer

*Shawn Ryan (17 episodes, 2002–2007)

Main writers

*Kurt Sutter (16 episodes, 2002–2007)
*Scott Rosenbaum (16 episodes, 2002–2007)
*Glen Mazzara (16 episodes, 2002–2007)
*Charles H. Eglee (11 episodes, 2004–2007)
*Adam E. Fierro (11 episodes, 2004–2007)

Recurring writers

*Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain (6 episodes, 2005–2007)
*Kim Clements (5 episodes, 2003–2004)
*Reed Steiner (2 episodes, 2003)

ingle-episode writers

*Kevin Aradie ("Dawg Days", 2002)
*Diego Gutierrez ("Cracking Ice", 2004)
*Lia L. Langworthy ("Hurt", 2005)
*Jennifer R. Richmond ("Cut Throat", 2005)
*Renee Palyo ("Trophy", 2006)
*Tony Soltis ("Trophy", 2006)
*Ted Griffin ("Rap Payback", 2006)
*Emily Lewis ("Man Inside", 2006)

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