Breakaway may refer to:


* "Breakaway" (Kelly Clarkson song)
* "Breakaway" (Donna Summer song)
* "Breakaway" (Irma Thomas song)
* "Breakaway" (Tracey Ullman song)
* "Break Away", a song by the Beach Boys
* "Breakaway", a song by ZZ Top from "Antenna"
* "Breakaway", a song by Tsunami Bomb from "Mayhem on the High Seas"
* "Breakaway", a song by Big Pig, used in the opening sequence of the film "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"

* "Breakaway" (album), an album by Kelly Clarkson
* "Breakaway" (Kris Kristofferson album)
* "Breakaway", an album by Gallagher and Lyle, and the title song
* "Breakaway" (Art Garfunkel album), including a cover of the Gallagher and Lyle song
* "Breakaway", an album by the Pasadena Roof Orchestra

* The Breakaways, at least two American bands
* Breakaway music, a U.S. Naval tradition


* , the pilot episode of "Space: 1999"
* Breakaway PPV, a Canadian pay-per-view television provider
* "Breakaway" (TV series), an English TV series written by Francis Durbridge

Other media and performing arts

* Breakaway (film), a 1955 British film.
* Breakaway (dance), a 1920s dance style
* Breakaway (Transformers), a fictional character in the Transformers universes
* BreakAway Games, an American video game developer
* Breakaway (Radio), a former BBC Radio 4 series on leisure during 1980s and 1990s (Saturday 09:30 - 10:00). Presented by Bernard Falk, Pete McCarthy, Laurie Taylor, Eddie Mair and others.
* A type of theatrical property


* Breakaway (ice hockey)
* Breakaway roping, a rodeo event
* In cycling, a group of riders detaching themselves from the front of the peloton

Other uses

* Breakaway (biscuit), a chocolate bar produced by Nestle
*BreakAway Games, a serious game and video game developer located in Hunt Valley, Maryland
* Breakaway, North Carolina, US
* Breakaway friction, or stiction, the threshold of force required to overcome static cohesion
* Breakaway Ministries, a college ministry program at Texas A&M University, US
* Breakaway (magazine), a Christian magazine for teenage males

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