The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow

The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow

Infobox Television episode
Title = The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow
Series = Dungeons and Dragons

Caption = Terri, the girl who dream tomorrow, just before having another vision
Season = 2
Episode = 14
Airdate = September 8, 1984
Writer = Karl Geurs
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"The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow" is the fourteenth episode of "Dungeons & Dragons." A young girl, Terri, finds herself trapped in the realm after getting onto the same Dungeons & Dragons Ride that brought the original group to the realm. It's soon revealed that her locket gives her the power to dream about future events. Unfortunately, Venger wants this power for his own and is after her. In order to help Terri escape, and possibly escape themselves, the kids have to go into Venger's Maze of Darkness: a deadly maze with a portal home for anyone who can navigate it.


The adventure begins with the kids being chased by a group of Bullywogs. They manage to escape them by swinging across a chasm, which the bullywogs cannot. Shortly afterward, Eric bumps into a railcar that looks like the one that brought them to the realm. They think that maybe it can take them back to Earth, but the Bullywogs manage to cross the chasm and destroy it.

The kids hide from the bullywogs but are soon confronted by a dog. The dog is friendly enough and indicates that he wants them to follow him. They follow after the dog and are led to a young girl that has been captured by lizardmen. The kids fight off the lizardmen while Eric runs around in panic. After the girl is rescued she calls to Diana by name in spite of the fact that she hasn't been introduced to any of them. Eric finally gets his message across: the bullywogs are coming. Soon the bullywogs and the lizardmen manage to capture him but Shelia saves him by turning them against each other. The kids then escape.

That night, the girl identifies herself as Terri and the dog as Fred. She explains that she had a dream about Diana being attacked and that is how she knew Diana's name. Terri and Fred came into the Realm in the same fashion as the rest of kids: riding on the rollercoaster.

Soon after the explanations, Dungeon Master appears and informs the kids of another way home: a portal in the middle of Venger's Maze of Despair. However, "before they can use it, they must first destroy it." Eric points out that if they destroy it they can't use it but Dungeon Master is already gone. Still, the kids resolve to search for the portal and get Terri and themselves home.

While Terri sleeps, her heart-shaped locket begins to glow. Fred gets upset and a light shines on the kids. Everyone awakens to see a portal to the amusement park. Unfortunately, before they can reach it, Venger's shadow appears and a dragon captures Uni and Bobby. Terri tries to run but finds herself trapped in a maze. She tries to navigate her way through but soon falls into a pit.Terri wakes up and is disturbed by her dream. The others are disturbed as well, since they are aware of Terri's ability.

That morning, the kids look to capture a couple of cockatrices but "their breakfast" gets away. However, they are soon attacked by the same dragon Terri saw in her dream. As was in her dream, Uni and Bobby are captured but Hank manages to get it to free them. The kids then run behind a waterfall and Bobby breaks the rocks containing it so that the river sweeps the monster away.

Later on the kids are passing through a field of sharp, black rocks. As they pass through, another element of Terri's dream appears: Venger's shadow. A terrible wind picks up causing the rocks to shatter and blow over the kids. In order to escape, they run into Venger's maze and are forced to make their way through.

Passing through the maze is easy enough until the passage closes sealing the kids in. The kids look around and see several suits of armor still in attack positions. It appears that everyone was in the same army but still attacked each other. Soon, the kids are bathed in red light and begin to argue with each other. Fortunately, Hank fires an arrow into the air dispelling the red light. The kids then realize what happened and continue on.

After a while the kids stop to sleep and Terri has another dream: she's just leaving school (on Earth) and is greeted by Bobby, who has her locket. Dungeon Master wakes up the group and tells Terri that her dream will come true. He then tells the kids that the maze is a trap. Many have tried to make their way home through the portal but all have failed. If the kids do go home, the portal will remain and others will be lured to their doom. After he says this, the walls start to crumble. Fortunately, Terri remembers the way out from her dream.

The kids make it to the portal but Venger guards the portal and won't let the kids pass unless they give him Terri. He is refused so he turns himself into a dragon-like monster. The kids attack him while Bobby takes Terri and Fred to the portal. The pair leaves but the rest of the kids have to stay. After their new friends are gone, Bobby destroys the portal.

With their mission gone, the kids give Bobby some time to mourn the loss of Terri. Bobby is about to throw away Terri's locket (which she had left with him) but is told by Dungeon Master not to do so. Dungeon Master then reveals to Bobby, Terri's last dream of the future.


* The idea that the prize at the center of the maze is a portal home suggests that many of the inhabitants of the Realm are not native to the land. This is finally confirmed in the unaired episode "Requiem."

* In one scene, Presto's hat turns brown.

* Though Bobby keeps Terri's locket, it's never seen again.

* Bobby is the second of the children to find a love interest. The first is Shelia when she met Solars. The third was Diana who helped Kolsar, a Stargazer, return back home at The City Of Torrad.

Presto Spells

Spell: None
Result: Gets a door that transports a lizardman away.

Result: Sends out mousetraps that snap on a dragon's tail.


Eric: (about bullywogs) Filthy barbarians.
Bobby: Watch it Eric, that's "my" nickname.

Presto: Sheesh Eric, enough with the spit and polish, huh!
Eric: You can never have too much polish Presto. ...Course I ran out of "spit" an hour ago.

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