Borel military monoplane

Borel military monoplane

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name=Military monoplane

type=Anti-balloon fighter
first flight=1913
primary user=
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number built=1
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The Borel Military Monoplane was a French single-engine, two-seat aircraft designed shortly before World War I in response to a French Army requirement for an aircraft to seek and destroy enemy balloon airships.


The Military Monoplane had an unconventional design, owing to its unique mission requirement. The pilot and observer sat side-by-side in an open cockpit within a pod that also carried a high monoplane wing and the engine driving a pusher propeller. The pod also featured windows on each side, near the crewmembers' feet to facilitate downwards visibility when hunting balloons. A cruciform empennage was carried on an open truss of triangular cross-section, the upper longeron of which passed through the propeller hub. Despite reportedly good flying characteristics, the idea never passed beyond the construction of a single prototype.


met or eng?= met

crew=two, pilot and observer
length m=7.52
length ft=24
length in=8
span m=11.58
span ft=38
span in=0
dia m=
dia ft=
dia in=
height m=3.00
height ft=9
height in=10
wing area sqm=19.1
wing area sqft=205
rot area sqm=
rot area sqft=
aspect ratio=
empty weight kg=
empty weight lb=
gross weight kg=
gross weight lb=

eng1 number=1
eng1 type=Gnome rotary
eng1 kw= 37
eng1 hp= 50
eng1 kn=
eng1 lbf=
eng1 kn-ab=
eng1 lbf-ab=
eng2 number=
eng2 type=
eng2 kw=
eng2 hp=
eng2 kn=
eng2 lbf=
eng2 kn-ab=
eng2 lbf-ab=

max speed kmh=
max speed mph=
max speed mach=
cruise speed kmh=
cruise speed mph=
range km=
range miles=
endurance h=
endurance min=
ceiling m=
ceiling ft=
glide ratio=
climb rate ms=
climb rate ftmin=
sink rate ms=
sink rate ftmin=



* "Flight" August 23, 1913
* "Aero and Hydro" September 13, 1913

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