Harkhebi (crater)

Harkhebi (crater)

lunar crater data
diameter=237 km

Harkhebi is a large lunar crater of the category termed a walled plain. Half of the crater to the north-northwest is overlain by the Fabry walled plain, a large formation in its own right. Attached to the northwestern rim is the much smaller Vashakidze crater. To the southwest lies the Vestine crater, and to the south is Richardson crater.

What survives of the outer rim of Harkhebi is worn and eroded by impacts, leaving little of the original formation intact. To the southeast, sections of the rim are overlaid by the 'Harkhebi J' and 'Harkhebi K' satellite craters. The remainder of the rim is irregular in form, creating an arc of rugged ridges, incisions, and small craters. Most of the interior floor is also uneven and rough in places, although somewhat less so than the surrounding terrain. Several small, bowl-shaped craters lie across the interior floor, including 'Harkhebi H' next to the southern rim of Fabry.

Just to the southeast of the Harkhebi walled plain is the young crater Giordano Bruno, a formation with a relatively high albedo lying at the center of a ray system. Streaks of this ray material lay across several parts of the interior floor of Harkhebi, and one of the rays spans the floor from southeast to northwest.

atellite craters

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater mid-point that is closest to Harkhebi crater.


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