Cranston or Cranstoun is a Scottish surname originating in a clan that lived around Roxburgh in the Scottish Borders. It is a minor clan but has its own tartan and clan brooch.

Notable people

  • Alan Cranston (1914–2000), American politician from California
  • Bryan Cranston (1956–), American actor
  • Catherine Cranston (1849–1934), also known as Kate Cranston or Miss Cranston, tea room proprietor
  • Earl Cranston (1840 – 1932), Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Edwin Cranston, professor of Japanese at Harvard University
  • John Cranston, colonial governor of Rhode Island
  • Ken Cranston (1917–), former English cricketer
  • Maurice Cranston (1920–1993), British philosopher and political scientist
  • Murdock Cranston (1938–1996), Former Canadian racquetball champion
  • Ross Cranston (1948–), British lawyer and politician, member of Parliament for Dudley
  • Samuel Cranston, colonial governor of Rhode Island
  • Tim Cranston (1962–), Canadian former professional ice hockey player
  • Todd Cranston (1960–) , Canadian former professional racquetball player
  • Toller Cranston (1949–), Canadian figure skater and artist

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