European Pairs Speedway Championship

European Pairs Speedway Championship

The European Pairs Speedway Championship is an annual speedway event held each year in different countries organized by the European Motorcycle Union (UEM) since 2004.


The minimum age limit (16 years) starts on the date of the rider's birthday.

Team composition

The 6 (or 7) competing teams shall each consist of 3 riders: 2 riders having programmed riders and the third rider being a substitute, as follows:


List of champions

*flagicon|CZE Bohumil Brhel (2004)
*flagicon|CZE Aleš Dryml, Jr. (2004, 2007)
*flagicon|CZE Lukáš Dryml (2004, 2007)
*flagicon|POL Wiesław Jaguś (2006)
*flagicon|POL Krzysztof Kasprzak (2005)
*flagicon|POL Janusz Kołodziej (2005)
*flagicon|POL Robert Kościecha (2005)
*flagicon|POL Marcin Rempała (2006)
*flagicon|CZE Zdeněk Simota (2007)
*flagicon|POL Adam Skórnicki (2008)
*flagicon|POL Sebastian Ułamek (2006, 2008)
*flagicon|POL Karol Ząbik (2008)Note: riders in bold type are current European Champions.

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