Australian History Awards

Australian History Awards

=The Allan Martin Award=

This biennial award has been named for A. W. Martincite web |title= Bibliography of A. W. Martin’s Writings |publisher= University of Melbourne |url= |accessdate= 2007-07-21] (1926-2002) and is administered jointly by the Australian National University and The Australian Historical Association. The award is to encourage "early career historians" for work relating to Australian History.cite web |title= The Allan Martin Award |publisher= AHA |url= |accessdate= 2007-07-21 ] Submissions for this award are to be work that is being prepared for publication and can be in any form, e.g. a monograph, a series of academic articles, an exhibition or documentary film, or some mix of these. ]

* 2004: Maria Nugent for "Botany Bay: Where Histories Meet" (Allen & Unwin) [ [ Allen Martin 2004 Award citation] ]

Blackwell AHA Prize

The publishers, Blackwell Publishing Asia, have sponsored a prize for the best postgraduate paper at a Regional Conference.

The AHA information states that the "prize will be judged on two criteria: 1) oral presentation of the paper 2) written version of the conference paper. The written version of the conference paper (not a longer version) is to be submitted at the start of the conference. The winner of the prize will be announced at the close of the conference."cite web |title= Blackwell AHA Prize for the Best Postgraduate Paper at the Regional Conference 2007 |publisher = AHA |url= |accessdate= 2007-07-21]

* 2007 Winners:: Melissa Bellanta (University of Sydney) for "Raiders of the Lost Civilisation", or, "Adventure-Romances of the Australian Desert, 1890-1907", and :: Nell Musgrove (University of Melbourne) for "Private Homes, Public Scrutiny: Surveillance of 'the family' in postwar Melbourne"

WK Hancock Prize

The WK Hancock Prize is run by Australian Historical Association (AHA)cite web |title= The Australian Historical Association |publisher= AHA |url= |accessdate= 2007-07-17] with the Department of Modern History, Macquarie University. It was instituted in 1987 in honour of Sir Keith Hancock and his life achievements.

The award is for the first book of history by an Australian scholar and for research using original sources. It is awarded biennially for a first book published in the preceding two years with the award presented at the AHA's National Biennial Conference.

* 2004 Winners ::Mary Anne Jebb for "Blood, Sweat and Welfare: a History of White Bosses and Aboriginal Pastoral Workers" (UWA Press, 2002) [ citation] ::Warwick Anderson for "The Cultivation of Whiteness: Science, Health and Racial Destiny in Australia" (Melbourne University Press, 2002) [] :* Highly Commended:: John Connor for "The Australian Frontier Wars: 1788-1838" (University of New South Wales Press):: Brigid Hains for "The Ice and the Inland: Mawson, Flynn, and the Myth of the Frontier" (Melbourne University Press)

* 2006 Winner Tony Roberts for "Frontier Justice: A History of the Gulf Country to 1900" (UQP, 2005):* Highly Commended:: Maria Nugent for "Botany Bay: Where Histories Meet" (Allen & Unwin, 2005):: Sue Taffe for "Black and White Together, FCAATSI 1958-1972" (UQP, 2005)

The Kay Daniels Award

Inaugurated in 2004, this award is named for Kay Daniels(1941-2001),cite web|title= Kay Daniels, 1941-2001 |publisher= AHA |url= |accessdate= 2007-07-21] historian and public servant,cite web |title= The Kay Daniels Inaugural Award: 2004|publisher= AHA |url= |accessdate = 2007-07-21] and recognises her interest in colonial and heritage history.

The biennial award will be administed by The Australian Historical Association. ]

* 2004: Lucy Frost and Hamish Maxwell-Stuart (eds) for "Chain Letters: Narrating Convict Lives" (Melbourne University Press)

* 2006: Trudy Mae Cowley for "A Drift of 'Derwent Ducks: Lives of the 200 Female Irish Convicts Transported on the Australasia from Dublin to Hobart in 1849" (Research Tasmania, Hobart, 2005) [ Review]

The Serle Award

The Serle Award was first presented in 2002. The award was established through the generosity of Mrs Jessie Serle for the historian Geoffrey Serle (1922-1998).cite web|title= The Serle Award |publisher= AHA |url= |accessdate= 2007-07-21]

The Serle Award is for the best thesis by an "early career researcher" and will be payable on receipt of publisher’s proofs, which must be within twelve months of notification of the award.

The biennial award will be administed by The Australian Historical Association. ]

* 2005 Winner: Bartolo Ziino for "A distant grief: Australians, War Graves and the Great War" (University of Melbourne, PhD 2003):: Commendation: Catherine Mary Gilchrist for "Male Convict Sexuality in the Penal Colonies of Australia 1820-1850" (University of Sydney, PhD 2004)

* 2006 Winner: Jessie Mitchell for "Flesh, Dreams and Spirit: Life on Aboriginal Mission Stations 1825-1850 A History of Cross-Cultural Connections" (ANU PhD thesis, 2005)


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