List of cities by latitude

List of cities by latitude

The following is a list of cities by latitude. Both the latitude and longitude are shown for all cities and sorted by latitude started from the North Pole down to the South Pole.

Each heading should be considered the exact value. This means that the 70°N heading corresponds to exactly 70°00′00.00″N and everything further north should be above this heading while everything further south should be below it.

In the tables between the various headings, "State" can refer to any second-level political subdivision of a country, whether it is called a "State", "Province", or another term.

Table of Contents
North: 90°, 80°, 70°, 60°, 50°, 40°, 30°, 20°, 10°
South: 10°, 20°, 30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70°, 80°, 90°
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90° North

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
82°28′N 62°30′W Alert,  Nunavut  Canada
81°36′N 16°40′W Nord  Greenland

80° North

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
79°59′N 85°57′W Eureka,  Nunavut  Canada
78°13′N 15°34'E Longyearbyen, Svalbard  Norway
77°28′N 69°14′W Qaanaaq, Qaasuitsup  Greenland
76°25′N 82°53′W Grise Fiord,  Nunavut  Canada
71°18′N 156°45′W Barrow,  Alaska  United States
70°39′N 23°41′E Hammerfest  Norway
70°12′N 148°30′W Deadhorse,  Alaska  United States
70°04′N 29°44′E Vadsø  Norway

70° North

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
69°40′N 18°56′E Tromsø  Norway
69°21′N 88°12′E Norilsk  Russia
68°58'N 33°04'E Murmansk  Russia
68°25′N 17°34′E Narvik  Norway
67°51′N 20°13′E Kiruna  Sweden
67°18′N 14°33′E Bodø  Norway
67°07′N 20°45′E Gällivare-Malmberget-Koskullskulle  Sweden
66°42′N 27°26′E Kemijärvi  Finland
66°30′N 25°44′E Rovaniemi  Finland
66°04′N 23°07′W Ísafjörður  Iceland
65°58′N 29°11′E Kuusamo  Finland
65°51′N 24°09′E Tornio  Finland
65°50′N 21°43′E Boden  Sweden
65°50′N 24°08′E Haparanda  Sweden
65°44′N 24°34′E Kemi  Finland
65°41′N 18°06′W Akureyri  Iceland
65°34′N 22°09′E Luleå  Sweden
65°32′N 21°51′E Piteå  Sweden
65°21′N 27°00′E Pudasjärvi  Finland
65°01′N 25°28′E Oulu  Finland
64°76′N 20°99′E Skellefteå  Sweden
64°50′N 147°43′W Fairbanks,  Alaska  United States
64°32′N 40°32′E Arkhangelsk  Russia
64°10′N 51°43′W Nuuk (Godthåb),  Greenland  Greenland
64°08′N 21°56′W Reykjavík  Iceland
63°50′N 20°15′E Umeå  Sweden
63°47′N 10°93′E Stjordal  Norway
63°45′N 68°31′W Iqaluit,  Nunavut  Canada
63°30′N 18°72′E Örnsköldsvik  Sweden
63°25′N 10°23′E Trondheim  Norway
63°18′N 14°65′E Östersund  Sweden
63°10'N 22°00′E Vaasa  Finland
62°53'N 27°40′E Kuopio  Finland
62°40′N 17°33′E Sundsvall  Sweden
62°27′N 114°24′W Yellowknife,  Northwest Territories  Canada
62°2′N 129°44′E Yakutsk  Russia
62°14'N 25°44′E Jyväskylä  Finland
62°0′N 6°46′W Tórshavn,  Faroe Islands  Denmark
61°30′N 23°45′E Tampere  Finland
61°13′N 149°54′W Anchorage,  Alaska  United States
61°07′N 10°25′E Lillehammer  Norway
60°59'N 25°39′E Lahti  Finland
60°41′N 135°08′W Whitehorse,  Yukon  Canada
60°27'N 22°16′E Turku  Finland
60°22′N 5°24′E Bergen  Norway
60°17'N 25°02′E Vantaa  Finland
60°12′N 24°39′E Espoo  Finland
60°12'N 24°56′E Helsinki  Finland

60° North

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
59°56′N 30°20′E Saint Petersburg  Russia
59°56′N 10°45′E Oslo  Norway
59°51′N 17°38′E Uppsala  Sweden
59°26′N 24°45′E Tallinn  Estonia
59°21′N 18°04′E Stockholm  Sweden
59°17′N 11°06′E Sarpsborg  Norway
58°36′N 16°12′E Norrköping  Sweden
58°23′N 26°43′E Tartu  Estonia
58°23′N 134°11′W Juneau,  Alaska  United States
58°10′N 08°02′E Kristiansand  Norway
58°0′N 56°19′E Perm  Russia
57°47′N 04°23′W Inverness,  Scotland  United Kingdom
57°42´N 11°55´E Gothenburg  Sweden
57°37′N 39°51′E Yaroslavl  Russia
57°15′N 02°11′W Aberdeen,  Scotland  United Kingdom
56°58′N 24°8′E Riga  Latvia
56°50′N 60°35′E Yekaterinburg  Russia
56°50′N 53°11′E Izhevsk  Russia
56°44′N 111°23′W Fort McMurray,  Alberta  Canada
56°20′N 44°00′E Nizhny Novgorod  Russia
56°10′N 101°37′E Bratsk  Russia
56°09′N 10°12′E Aarhus  Denmark
56°01′N 93°04′E Krasnoyarsk  Russia
55°57′N 03°12′W Edinburgh,  Scotland  United Kingdom
55°52′N 04°15′W Glasgow,  Scotland  United Kingdom
55°47′N 49°10′E Kazan  Russia
55°45′N 37°37′E Moscow  Russia
55°43′N 12°34′E Copenhagen  Denmark
55°35′N 13°02′E Malmö  Sweden
55°32′N 08°34′E Esbjerg  Denmark
55°23′N 10°23′E Odense  Denmark
55°10′N 118°48′W Grande Prairie,  Alberta  Canada
55°09′N 61°22′E Chelyabinsk  Russia
55°01′N 82°56′E Novosibirsk  Russia
54°59′N 73°22′E Omsk  Russia
54°58′N 01°36′W Newcastle upon Tyne,  England  United Kingdom
54°45′N 55°58′E Ufa  Russia
54°41′N 25°17′E Vilnius  Lithuania
54°36′N 5°56′W Belfast, Northern Ireland  United Kingdom
54°30'N 18°32'E Gdynia  Poland
54°21'N 18°40'E Gdańsk  Poland
54°20′N 10°08′E Kiel  Germany
53°79′N 1°75′W Bradford,  England  United Kingdom
53°55′N 27°33′E Minsk  Belarus
53°48′N 1°33′W Leeds,  England  United Kingdom
53°34′N 10°02′E Hamburg  Germany
53°34′N 113°31′W Edmonton,  Alberta  Canada
53°29′N 2°15′W Manchester,  England  United Kingdom
53°29′N 49°31′E Tolyatti  Russia
53°25′N 2°59′W Liverpool,  England  United Kingdom
53°23′N 1°28′W Sheffield,  England  United Kingdom
53°21′N 6°16′W Dublin  Ireland
53°14′N 50°10′E Samara  Russia
53°13'N 6°34'E Groningen  Netherlands
53°04′N 8°49′E Bremen  Germany
53°01′N 158°39′E Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky  Russia
52°57′N 01°08′W Nottingham,  England  United Kingdom
52°63′N 01°29′E Norwich,  England  United Kingdom
52°63′N 1°14′W Leicester,  England  United Kingdom
52°35′N 0°15′W Peterborough,  England  United Kingdom
52°31′N 13°25′E Berlin  Germany
52°29′N 1°54′W Birmingham,  England  United Kingdom
52°24′N 1°30′W Coventry,  England  United Kingdom
52°22′N 4°54′E Amsterdam  Netherlands
52°22′N 4°38′E Haarlem  Netherlands
52°17′N 104°16′E Irkutsk  Russia
52°14′N 21°01′E Warsaw  Poland
52°13'N 6°53'E Enschede  Netherlands
52°13′N 106°65′W Saskatoon,  Saskatchewan  Canada
52°12′N 0°07′E Cambridge,  England  United Kingdom
52°09′N 4°30′E Leiden  Netherlands
52°05'N 5°6'E Utrecht  Netherlands
52°04′N 4°18′E The Hague  Netherlands
51°87′N 2°24′W Gloucester,  England  United Kingdom
51°56′N 4°28′E Rotterdam  Netherlands
51°45′N 1°15′W Oxford,  England  United Kingdom
51°40′N 39°12′E Voronezh  Russia
51°38′N 2°36′W Bath,  England  United Kingdom
51°37′N 3°57′W Swansea,  Wales  United Kingdom
51°32′N 46°01′E Saratov  Russia
51°30′N 0°08′W London,  England  United Kingdom
51°29′N 3°11′W Cardiff,  Wales  United Kingdom
51°27′N 2°36′W Bristol,  England  United Kingdom
51°13′N 04°24′E Antwerp  Belgium
51°10′N 71°26′E Astana  Kazakhstan
51°03′N 114°03′W Calgary,  Alberta  Canada
51°03′N 3°44′E Ghent  Belgium
51°00′N 1°04′W Southampton,  England  United Kingdom
50°51′N 4°21′E Brussels  Belgium
50°51′N 5°41′E Maastricht  Netherlands
50°49′N 1°05′W Portsmouth,  England  United Kingdom
50°49′N 0°09′W Brighton and Hove,  England  United Kingdom
50°27′N 104°61′W Regina,  Saskatchewan  Canada
50°43′N 3°32′W Exeter,  England  United Kingdom
50°41′N 120°20′W Kamloops,  British Columbia  Canada
50°27′N 30°30′E Kiev  Ukraine
50°22′N 4°08′W Plymouth,  England  United Kingdom
50°07′N 8°41′E Frankfurt am Main, Hesse  Germany
50°05′N 14°26′E Prague  Czech Republic
50°03′N 19°56′E Kraków  Poland

50° North

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
49°54′N 97°08′W Winnipeg,  Manitoba  Canada
49°51′N 24°01′E Lviv, Lviv Oblast  Ukraine
49°37′N 6°08′E Luxembourg  Luxembourg
49°32′N 119°18′W Kelowna,  British Columbia  Canada
49°16′N 123°07′W Vancouver,  British Columbia  Canada
48°52′N 2°20′E Paris  France
48°42′N 44°31′E Volgograd  Russia
48°58′N 7°74′E Strasbourg  France
48°25′N 123°22′W Victoria,  British Columbia  Canada
48°22′N 89°19′W Thunder Bay,  Ontario  Canada
48°13′N 16°22′E Vienna  Austria
48°09′N 17°07′E Bratislava  Slovakia
48°08′N 11°34′E Munich,  Bavaria  Germany
47°55′N 106°55′E Ulan Bator  Mongolia
47°36′N 122°19′W Seattle,  Washington  United States
47°34′N 7°36′E Basel  Switzerland
47°33′N 52°40′W St. John's,  Newfoundland and Labrador  Canada
47°28′N 19°03′E Budapest  Hungary
47°22′N 8°33′E Zürich  Switzerland
47°14′N 39°42′E Rostov-on-Don  Russia
47°08′N 9°31′E Vaduz  Liechtenstein
47°00′N 28°55′E Chişinău  Moldova
46°57′N 7°27′E Bern  Switzerland
46°51′N 29°38′W Tiraspol,  Transnistria  Moldova
46°49′N 71°13′W Quebec City,  Quebec  Canada
46°48′N 100°46′W Bismarck,  North Dakota  United States
46°46′N 23°35′E Cluj-Napoca  Romania
46°37′N 80°48′W Sudbury,  Ontario  Canada
46°35′N 112°1′W Helena,  Montana  United States
46°32′N 84°20′W Sault Ste. Marie,  Ontario  Canada
46°31′N 6°38′E Lausanne  Switzerland
46°28′N 30°44′E Odessa  Ukraine
46°22′N 79°25′W North Bay,  Ontario  Canada
46°14′N 63°8′W Charlottetown,  Prince Edward Island  Canada
46°12′N 6°09′E Geneva  Switzerland
46°08′N 64°46′W Moncton,  New Brunswick  Canada
46°03′N 14°30′E Ljubljana  Slovenia
45°57′N 66°40′W Fredericton,  New Brunswick  Canada
45°49′N 15°59′E Zagreb  Croatia
45°46′N 4°50′E Lyon  France
45°45′N 126°41′E Harbin, Heilongjiang  People's Republic of China
45°31′N 122°41′W Portland,  Oregon  United States
45°31′N 73°33′W Montreal,  Quebec  Canada
45°28′N 9°10′E Milan  Italy
45°26′N 12°19′E Venice  Italy
45°26′N 75°41′W Ottawa,  Ontario  Canada
45°17′N 66°4′W Saint John,  New Brunswick  Canada
45°04′N 7°40′E Turin  Italy
45°02′N 38°58′E Krasnodar  Russia
44°59′N 93°15′W Minneapolis,  Minnesota  United States
44°57′N 34°06′E Simferopol,  Crimea  Ukraine
44°50′N 00°35′W Bordeaux  France
44°48′N 20°28′E Belgrade  Serbia
44°45′N 19°41′E Šabac  Serbia
44°39'N 63°34'W Halifax,  Nova Scotia  Canada
44°25′N 26°06′E Bucharest  Romania
44°22′N 100°20′W Pierre,  South Dakota  United States
44°18′N 69°46′W Augusta,  Maine  United States
44°15′N 72°34′W Montpelier,  Vermont  United States
43°56′N 12°26′E San Marino  San Marino
43°52′N 18°25′E Sarajevo  Bosnia and Herzegovina
43°52′N 125°19′E Changchun, Jilin  People's Republic of China
43°50'N 66°50'W Yarmouth,  Nova Scotia  Canada
43°46′N 11°15′E Florence  Italy
43°44'N 7°24'E Monaco  Monaco
43°42′N 7°16′E Nice  France
43°42′N 79°23′W Toronto,  Ontario  Canada
43°36′N 116°12′W Boise,  Idaho  United States
43°35′47′′N 39°43′36′′E Sochi  Russia
43°18′N 5°22′E Marseille  France
43°17′N 76°54′E Almaty  Kazakhstan
43°15′N 2°55′W Bilbao,  Basque Country  Spain
43°12′N 71°32′E Concord,  New Hampshire  United States
43°09′N 77°36′E Rochester,  New York  United States
43°08′N 131°54′E Vladivostok  Russia
43°04′N 141°21′E Sapporo  Japan
43°03′N 87°57′W Milwaukee,  Wisconsin  United States
43°00′N 41°01′E Sukhumi, Abkhazia  Georgia
42°54′N 78°51′W Buffalo,  New York  United States
42°52′N 74°37′E Bishkek  Kyrgyzstan
42°42′N 23°20′E Sofia  Bulgaria
42°40′N 21°10′E Pristina  Kosovo
42°30′N 1°30′E Andorra la Vella  Andorra
42°28′N 19°17′E Podgorica  Montenegro
42°28′N 59°36′E Nukus,  Karakalpakstan  Uzbekistan
42°21′N 71°04′W Boston,  Massachusetts  United States
42°20′N 83°03′W Detroit,  Michigan  United States
42°17′N 83°00′W Windsor,  Ontario  Canada
42°14′N 43°58′E Tskhinvali, South Ossetia  Georgia
42°0′N 21°26′E Skopje  Macedonia
41°54′N 12°29′E Rome  Italy
41°54′N 12°27′E Vatican City  Vatican City
41°50′N 87°39′W Chicago,  Illinois  United States
41°49′N 71°25′W Providence,  Rhode Island  United States
41°48′N 129°47′0″E Chongjin  North Korea
41°48′N 123°25′E Shenyang, Liaoning  People's Republic of China
41°45′N 72°41′W Hartford,  Connecticut  United States
41°43′N 44°47′E Tbilisi  Georgia
41°39′N 0°53′W Zaragoza,  Aragon  Spain
41°38′N 71°58′E Namangan  Uzbekistan
41°35′N 93°37′W Des Moines,  Iowa  United States
41°29′N 81°40′W Cleveland,  Ohio  United States
41°23′N 2º11′E Barcelona,  Catalonia  Spain
41°20′N 19°49′E Tirana  Albania
41°16′N 69°13′E Tashkent  Uzbekistan
41°09′N 8°38′W Porto  Portugal
41°08′N 104°48′W Cheyenne,  Wyoming  United States
41°03′N 28°98′E Istanbul  Turkey
41°02′N 49°53′E Baku  Azerbaijan
40°50′N 14°15′E Naples  Italy
40°48′N 96°40′W Lincoln,  Nebraska  United States
40°45′N 111°53′W Salt Lake City,  Utah  United States
40°43′N 74°00′W New York,  New York  United States
40°38′N 22°57′E Thessaloniki  Greece
40°27′N 80°00′W Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania  United States
40°23’N 3°43′W Madrid,  Madrid  Spain
40°20′N 29°08′E Bursa  Turkey
40°13′N 74°45′W Trenton,  New Jersey  United States
40°10′N 44°31′E Yerevan  Armenia

40° North

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
39°59′N 82°59′W Columbus,  Ohio  United States
39°57′N 75°10′W Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania  United States
39°54′N 116°23′E Beijing  People's Republic of China
39°52′N 32°52′E Ankara  Turkey
39°46′N 86°09′W Indianapolis,  Indiana  United States
39°45′N 104°59′W Denver,  Colorado  United States
39°34′N 2°39′E Palma,  Balearic Islands  Spain
39°31′N 119°49′W Reno,  Nevada  United States
39°29′N 0°22′W Valencia,  Valencian Community  Spain
39°17′N 76°37′W Baltimore,  Maryland  United States
39°14′N 9°7′E Cagliari  Italy
39°09′N 75°31′W Dover,  Delaware  United States
39°08′51″N 127°26′46″E Wonsan  North Korea
39°08′N 84°30′W Cincinnati,  Ohio  United States
39°08′N 117°11′E Tianjin  People's Republic of China
39°06′N 94°35′W Kansas City,  Missouri  United States
39°02′N 125°45′E Pyongyang  North Korea
38°54′N 77°02′W Washington, D.C.  United States
38º42′N 9º11′W Lisbon  Portugal
38°39′N 90°13′W St. Louis,  Missouri  United States
38°32′N 68°47′E Dushanbe  Tajikistan
38°28′N 23°36′E Halkida  Greece
38°20′N 81°38′W Charleston,  West Virginia  United States
38°15′N 85°46′W Louisville,  Kentucky  United States
38°11′N 15°33′E Messina  Italy
38°07′N 13°22′E Palermo  Italy
38°00′N 23°43′E Athens  Greece
37°58′N 58°20′E Ashgabat  Turkmenistan
37°58′N 126°33′E Kaesong  North Korea
37°52′N 32°29′E Konya  Turkey
37°48′N 35°57′E Adana  Turkey
37°46′N 122°26′W San Francisco,  California  United States
37°41′N 97°20′W Wichita,  Kansas  United States
37°33′N 126°59′E Seoul  South Korea
37°30′N 15°05′E Catania  Italy
37°23′N 5°59′W Sevilla,  Andalusia  Spain
37°12′N 93°17′W Springfield,  Missouri  United States
36°51′N 75°59′W Virginia Beach,  Virginia  United States
36°47′N 3°04′E Algiers  Algeria
36°22′N 43°07′E Mosul  Iraq
36°18′N 59°37′E Mashhad  Iran
36°11′N 115°13′W Las Vegas,  Nevada  United States
36°08′N 5°21′W Gibraltar  Gibraltar
36°08′N 10°17′E Tunis  Tunisia
36°07′N 95°56′W Tulsa,  Oklahoma  United States
36°05′N 120°20′E Qingdao, Shandong  People's Republic of China
36°00′N 86°47′W Nashville,  Tennessee  United States
35°54′N 14°31'E Valletta  Malta
35°42′N 51°25′E Tehran  Iran
35°41′N 139°46′E Tokyo  Japan
35°29′N 97°32′W Oklahoma City,  Oklahoma  United States
35°26′N 139°38′E Yokohama  Japan
35°20′N 25°8′E Heraklion  Greece
35°14′N 80°50′W Charlotte,  North Carolina  United States
35°07′N 89°58′W Memphis,  Tennessee  United States
35°07′N 136°56′E Nagoya  Japan
35°06'N 106°35'W Albuquerque,  New Mexico  United States
35°31′N 35°47′E Latakia  Syria
35°30′N 139°45′E Kawasaki  Japan
35°28′N 44°24′E Kirkuk  Iraq
35°10′N 33°21′E Nicosia  Cyprus
35°06′N 129°02′E Busan  South Korea
35°01′N 135°45′E Kyoto  Japan
34°45′N 113°38′E Zhengzhou, Henan  People's Republic of China
34°44′N 10°46′E Sfax  Tunisia
34°44′N 92°19′W Little Rock,  Arkansas  United States
34°42′N 135°09′E Kōbe  Japan
34°42′N 135°30′E Osaka  Japan
34°31′N 69°11′E Kabul  Afghanistan
34°23′N 132°27′E Hiroshima  Japan
34°05′N 74°47′E Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir  India
34°03′N 118°15′W Los Angeles,  California  United States
34°02′N 6°50′W Rabat  Morocco
34°00′N 81°02′W Columbia,  South Carolina  United States
33°56′N 117°23′W Riverside,  California  United States
33°53′N 35°31′E Beirut  Lebanon
33°45′N 84°23′W Atlanta,  Georgia  United States
33°43′N 73°4′E Islamabad  Pakistan
33°35′N 130°24′E Fukuoka  Japan
33°32′N 112°05′W Phoenix,  Arizona  United States
33°32′N 7°35′W Casablanca  Morocco
33°31′N 86°49′W Birmingham,  Alabama  United States
33°30′N 36°18′E Damascus  Syria
33°20′N 44°26′E Baghdad  Iraq
32°54′N 13°11′E Tripoli  Libya
32°46′N 96°48′W Dallas,  Texas  United States
32°43′N 117°10′W San Diego,  California  United States
32°40′N 115°28′W Mexicali,  Baja California  Mexico
32°38′N 51°29′E Isfahan  Iran
32°31′N 117°02′W Tijuana,  Baja California  Mexico
32°18′N 64°47′W Hamilton  Bermuda
32°17′N 90°11′W Jackson,  Mississippi  United States
32°07′N 20°4′E Benghazi  Libya
32°05′N 34°48′E Tel Aviv  Israel
32°03′N 118°46′E Nanjing, Jiangsu  People's Republic of China
31°57′N 35°56′E Amman  Jordan
31°48′N 106°98′W Ciudad Juárez,  Chihuahua  Mexico
31°47′N 116°36′W Ensenada,  Baja California  Mexico
31°46′N 35°14′E Jerusalem  Israel
31°38′N 74°51′E Amritsar, Punjab  India
31°37′N 65°43′E Kandahar  Afghanistan
31°33′N 74°20′E Lahore, Punjab  Pakistan
31°31′N 34°27′E Gaza, Gaza Strip  Palestinian territories
31°12′N 29°55′E Alexandria  Egypt
31°10′N 121°28′E Shanghai  People's Republic of China
31°08′N 8°0′W Marrakech  Morocco
31°06′N 77°10′E Shimla, Himachal Pradesh  India
30°39′N 104°04′E Chengdu, Sichuan  People's Republic of China
30°34′N 114°16′E Wuhan, Hubei  People's Republic of China
30°19′N 81°40′W Jacksonville,  Florida  United States
30°18′N 97°45′W Austin,  Texas  United States
30°03′N 31°22′E Cairo  Egypt

30° North

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
29°58′N 32°33′E Suez  Egypt
29°58'N 90°04′W New Orleans,  Louisiana  United States
29°55'N 110°57′W Hermosillo  Sonora  Mexico
29°45'N 95°22'W Houston,  Texas  United States
29°39′N 91°07′E Lhasa, Tibet, China  People's Republic of China
29°33′N 34°57′E Eilat  Israel
29°33'N 106°30'E Chongqing  People's Republic of China
29°32'N 98°28'W San Antonio,  Texas  United States
29°22'N 47°58'E Kuwait City  Kuwait
28°38'N 77°13'E New Delhi  India
28°38'N 106°05'W Chihuahua  Chihuahua  Mexico
28°28′N 16°15′W Santa Cruz de Tenerife,  Canary Islands  Spain
28°25′N 81°19′W Orlando,  Florida  United States
28°9′N 15°25′W Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,  Canary Islands  Spain
27°58′N 82°27′W Tampa,  Florida  United States
27°43′N 85°22′E Kathmandu  Nepal
27°29′N 94°55′E Dibrugarh, Assam  India
27°28′N 89°38′E Thimphu  Bhutan
27°10′N 78°1′E Agra, Uttar Pradesh  India
27°09′N 13°12′W El Aaiún,  Western Sahara  Morocco
27°02′N 14°26′E Sabha  Libya
26°56′N 75°49′E Jaipur, Rajasthan  India
26°44′N 88°26′E Siliguri, West Bengal  India
26°40′N 92°45′E Tezpur, Assam  India
26°20′N 127°48′E Okinawa  Japan
26°13′N 50°35′E Manama  Bahrain
26°10′N 91°45′E Guwahati, Assam  India
25°47′N 80°13′W Miami,  Florida  United States
25°40′N 100°18′W Monterrey,  Nuevo León  Mexico
25°32'N 103°26'W Torreón,  Coahuila  Mexico
25°19′N 79°38′E Kulpahar  India
25°17′N 51°32′E Doha  Qatar
25°16′N 55°20′E Dubai  United Arab Emirates
25°14′N 107°50′W Culiacán,  Sinaloa  Mexico
25°03′N 77°20′W Nassau  Bahamas
25°02′N 121°38′E Taipei  Republic of China (Taiwan)
24°43′N 46°43′E Riyadh  Saudi Arabia
24°33'N 81°47'W Key West,  Florida  United States
24°28'N 54°22'E Abu Dhabi  United Arab Emirates
24°08′N 67°01′E Karachi, Sindh  Pakistan
23°42′N 90°23′E Dhaka  Bangladesh
23°37'N 58°36'E Muscat  Oman
23°30′N 91°12′E Agartala, Tripura  India
23°20′N 113°30′E Guangzhou, Guangdong  People's Republic of China
23°07′N 82°23′W Havana  Cuba
23°01′N 72°34′E Ahmedabad, Gujarat  India
22°59′N 120°11′E Tainan City  Republic of China (Taiwan)
22°38′N 120°16′E Kaohsiung  Republic of China (Taiwan)
22°34′N 88°21′E Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal  India
22°33′N 114°06′E Shenzhen, Guangdong  People's Republic of China
22°22'N 97°85'W Tampico,  Tamaulipas  Mexico
22°22′N 91°48′E Chittagong  Bangladesh
22°17′N 114°08′E Hong Kong  Hong Kong, China
22°16'N 100°98'W San Luis Potosí,  San Luis Potosí  Mexico
22°10′N 113°33′E Macau  Macau, China
21°51′N 102°18′W Aguascalientes,  Aguascalientes  Mexico
21°50′N 39°16′E Jeddah  Saudi Arabia
21°25′N 39°49′E Mecca  Saudi Arabia
21°18′N 157°50′W Honolulu,  Hawaii  United States
21°10′N 86°50′W Cancún,  Quintana Roo  Mexico
21°07'N 101°41'W León,  Guanajuato  Mexico
21°05'N 79°03'E Nagpur, Maharashtra  India
21°02′N 105°51′E Hanoi  Vietnam
20°58′N 89°37′W Mérida,  Yucatán  Mexico
20°40′N 103°21′W Guadalajara,  Jalisco  Mexico
20°40′N 105°16′W Puerto Vallarta,  Jalisco  Mexico
20°36'N 100°23'W Querétaro,  Querétaro  Mexico
20°01'N 75°48'W Santiago de Cuba  Cuba

20° North

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
19°45′N 96°6′E Naypyidaw  Myanmar
19°41'N 99°13'W Mexico City Mexico City  Mexico
19°18′N 81°22′W George Town, Grand Cayman  Cayman Islands (UK)
19°11′N 96°08′W Veracruz,  Veracruz  Mexico
19°05'N 98°22'W Puebla,  Puebla  Mexico
18°58′N 72°49′E Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra  India
18°47′N 98°59′E Chiang Mai  Thailand
18°32′N 72°20′W Port-au-Prince  Haiti
18°30′N 69°59′W Santo Domingo  Dominican Republic
18°29′N 66°08′W San Juan  Puerto Rico (USA)
18°6′N 15°57′W Nouakchott  Mauritania
17°59′N 76°48′W Kingston  Jamaica
17°58′N 102°36′E Vientiane  Laos
17°30′N 88°11′W Belize City  Belize
17°25′N 102°45′E Udon Thani  Thailand
17°22′N 78°29′E Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh  India
17°18′N 62°44′W Basseterre  Saint Kitts and Nevis
17°16′N 88°46′W Belmopan  Belize
17°07′N 61°51′W St. John's  Antigua and Barbuda
16°50′N 99°55′W Acapulco,  Guerrero  Mexico
16°46′N 3°00′W Timbuktu  Mali
16°48′N 96°09′E Yangon  Myanmar
16°26′N 102°50′E Khon Kaen City  Thailand
15°34′N 33°36′E Khartoum  Sudan
15°30'N 61°39'W Roseau  Dominica
15°21′N 44°12′E San‘a’  Yemen
15°20′N 38°56′E Asmara  Eritrea
15°11′N 145°45′E Saipan,  Northern Mariana Islands  United States
14°58′N 102°06′E Nakhon Ratchasima City  Thailand
14°55′N 23°31′W Praia  Cape Verde
14°52′N 92°16'W Tapachula,  Chiapas  Mexico
14°40′N 17°25′W Dakar  Senegal
14°38′N 90°33′W Guatemala City  Guatemala
14°38′N 121°2′E Quezon City  Philippines
14°36′N 120°59′E Manila  Philippines
14°33′N 121°2′E Makati City  Philippines
14°20′N 100°34′E Ayutthaya  Thailand
14°05′N 87°13′W Tegucigalpa  Honduras
14°01'N 60°59'W Castries  Saint Lucia
13°45′N 100°31′E Bangkok  Thailand
13°41′N 89°11′W San Salvador  El Salvador
13°31′N 2°6′E Niamey  Niger
13°31′N 144°50′E Dededo,  Guam  United States
13°27′N 16°34′E Banjul  Gambia
13°26′N 16°40′E Serekunda  Gambia
13°10'N 61°14'W Kingstown  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
13°09′N 80°17′E Chennai (Madras), Tamil Nadu  India
13°07′N 59°37′W Bridgetown  Barbados
12°58′N 77°35′E Bangalore, Karnataka  India
12°56′N 100°53′E Pattaya City  Thailand
12°30'N 61°45'W St. George's  Grenada
12°39′N 8°0′W Bamako  Mali
12°37′N 87°09′W Chinandega  Nicaragua
12°21′N 1°32′W Ouagadougou  Burkina Faso
12°08′N 86°16′W Managua  Nicaragua
12°06′N 15°03′W N'Djamena  Chad
12°00′N 8°31′E Kano  Nigeria
11°51′N 15°34′W Bissau  Guinea-Bissau
11°36′N 43°10′E Djibouti  Djibouti
11°33′N 104°55′E Phnom Penh  Cambodia
11°11′N 4°17′W Bobo-Dioulasso  Burkina Faso
10º65’N 71º64’W Maracaibo  Venezuela
10°46′N 106°41′E Ho Chi Minh City  Vietnam
10°41′N 122°33′E Iloilo City  Philippines
10°40′N 61°31′W Port of Spain  Trinidad and Tobago
10°38′N 85°26′W Liberia  Costa Rica
10º30’N 66º56’W Caracas  Venezuela
10º24’N 67º60’W Maracay  Venezuela
10°17′N 61°28′W San Fernando  Trinidad and Tobago
10°17′N 123°54′E Cebu City  Philippines
10°01′N 84°13′W Alajuela  Costa Rica

10° North

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
9°59′N 83°02′W Limon  Costa Rica
9°58′N 84°50′W Puntarenas  Costa Rica
9°56′N 84°05′W San José  Costa Rica
9°30′N 13°42′W Conakry  Guinea
9°30′N 44°0′E Hargeisa,  Somaliland  Somalia
9°24′N 0°51′W Tamale  Ghana
9°08′N 99°19′E Surat Thani  Thailand
9°04′N 7°29′E Abuja  Nigeria
9°02′N 38°44′E Addis Ababa  Ethiopia
8°58′N 79°32′W Panama City  Panama
8°34′N 16°05′W Moundou  Chad
8°30′N 13°7′W Freetown  Sierra Leone
8°12′N 63°55′W Ciudad Bolívar  Venezuela
7°53′N 72°30′W Cúcuta  Colombia
7°53′N 98°24′E Phuket City  Thailand
7°45′N 8°49′W Nzérékoré  Guinea
7°40'N 171°16'E Majuro  Marshall Islands
7°30′N 126°0′E Davao City  Philippines
7°22′N 3°53′E Ibadan  Nigeria
7°21′N 134°28′E Koror  Palau
7°01′N 100°28′E Hat Yai  Thailand
6°55'N 158°11'E Palikir  Federated States of Micronesia
6°54′N 79°50′E Colombo  Sri Lanka
6°54′N 79°53′E Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte  Sri Lanka
6°49′N 5°17′W Yamoussoukro  Côte d'Ivoire
6°48′N 58°10′W Georgetown  Guyana
6°41′N 1°37′W Kumasi  Ghana
6°35′N 3°20′E Lagos  Nigeria
6°30′N 2°36′E Porto-Novo  Benin
6°22′N 2°25′E Cotonou  Benin
6°19′N 5°36′E Benin City  Nigeria
6°19′N 10°46′W Monrovia  Liberia
6°14′N 75°34′W Medellín  Colombia
6°08′N 1°12′E Lomé  Togo
6°07′N 100°22′E Alor Star,  Kedah  Malaysia
5°58′N 116°06′E Kota Kinabalu,  Sabah  Malaysia
5°52′N 55°10′W Paramaribo  Suriname
5°40′N 67°38′W Puerto Ayacucho  Venezuela
5°31′N 95°25′E Banda Aceh  Indonesia
5°30′N 0°10′W Accra  Ghana
5°25′N 100°19′E George Town,  Penang  Malaysia
5°20′N 4°01′W Abidjan  Côte d'Ivoire
4°60′N 101°07′E Ipoh,  Perak  Malaysia
4°56′N 52°20′W Cayenne, French Guiana  France
4°55′N 1°46′W Sekondi-Takoradi  Ghana
4°53'N 114°56'E Bandar Seri Begawan  Brunei
4°45′N 7°0′E Port Harcourt  Nigeria
4°37′N 74°05′W Bogotá  Colombia
4°23′N 113°58′E Miri,  Sarawak  Malaysia
4°22′N 18°35′E Bangui  Central African Republic
4°10'N 73°30'E Malé  Maldives
4°03′N 9°41′E Douala  Cameroon
3°52′N 11°31′E Yaoundé  Cameroon
3°45′N 8°46′E Malabo  Equatorial Guinea
3°35′N 98°40′E Medan  Indonesia
3°25′N 76°32′W Santiago de Cali  Colombia
3°08′N 101°42′E Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory (Malaysia) Federal Territory  Malaysia
2°49′N 60°40′W Boa Vista,  Roraima  Brazil
2°11′N 102°23′E Malacca Town,  Malacca  Malaysia
2°04′N 45°22′E Mogadishu  Somalia
1°33′N 110°25′E Kuching,  Sarawak  Malaysia
1°29′N 103°44′E Johor Bahru,  Johor  Malaysia
1°19'N 172°58'E South Tarawa  Kiribati
1°17′N 103°51′E Singapore  Singapore
0°32′N 101°27′E Pekanbaru  Indonesia
0°23′N 9°27′E Libreville  Gabon
0°20′N 6°41′E São Tomé  São Tomé and Príncipe
0°19′N 32°35′E Kampala  Uganda
0°04′N 32°27′E Entebbe  Uganda
0°02'N 51°03'W Macapá,  Amapá  Brazil


Latitude Longitude City, State Country
0°00′N/S 109°20′E Pontianak  Indonesia
0°15′S 78°35′W Quito  Ecuador
0°21′S 42°33′E Kismayo  Somalia
0°33'S 166°55'E Yaren District  Nauru
0°57′S 100°21′E Padang  Indonesia
1°15′S 116°50′E Balikpapan  Indonesia
1°17′S 36°48′E Nairobi  Kenya
1°28′S 48°29′W Belém,  Pará  Brazil
1°57′S 30°04′E Kigali  Rwanda
2°11′S 79°53′W Guayaquil  Ecuador
2º31'S 44º18'W São Luís,  Maranhão  Brazil
2°59′S 104°45′E Palembang  Indonesia
3°06′S 60°01′W Manaus,  Amazonas  Brazil
3°23′S 29°22′E Bujumbura  Burundi
3°42′S 128°10′E Ambon City  Indonesia
3°46′S 38°34′W Fortaleza,  Ceará  Brazil
4°03′S 39°40′E Mombasa  Kenya
4°16′S 15°17′W Brazzaville  Republic of the Congo
4°19′S 15°19′E Kinshasa  Democratic Republic of the Congo
4°37′S 55°27′E Victoria  Seychelles
5°06′S 42°48′W Teresina,  Piauí  Brazil
5°08′S 119°25′E Makassar  Indonesia
5º32'S 47º29'W Imperatriz,  Maranhão  Brazil
5º47'S 35º12'W Natal,  Rio Grande do Norte  Brazil
6°10′S 39°12′E Zanzibar City  Tanzania
6°11′S 106°50′E Jakarta  Indonesia
6°36′S 106°48′E Bogor  Indonesia
6°48′S 39°17′E Dar es Salaam  Tanzania
6°57′S 107°34′E Bandung  Indonesia
6°58′S 110°25′E Semarang  Indonesia
7°07'S 34°51'W João Pessoa,  Paraíba  Brazil
7°14′S 112°44′E Surabaya  Indonesia
7°58′S 112°37′E Malang  Indonesia
8°01′S 79°00′W Trujillo  Peru
8°04′S 34°52′W Recife,  Pernambuco  Brazil
8°31'S 179°13'E Funafuti  Tuvalu
8°34′S 125°34′E Dili  Timor-Leste
8°39′S 115°13′E Denpasar, Bali  Indonesia
8°46′S 63°54′W Porto Velho,  Rondônia  Brazil
8°50′S 13°14′E Luanda  Angola
9°28'S 159°49'E Honiara  Solomon Islands
9°30′S 147°12′E Port Moresby  Papua New Guinea
9º39'S 35º44'W Maceió,  Alagoas  Brazil
9º59'S 67º48'W Rio Branco,  Acre  Brazil

10° South

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
10º12'S 48°21'W Palmas,  Tocantins  Brazil
10°54′S 37°02′W Aracaju,  Sergipe  Brazil
11°45′S 43°12′E Moroni  Comoros
11º52′S 55º30′W Sinop,  Mato Grosso  Brazil
12°03′S 77°02′W Lima  Peru
12°27′S 130°50′E Darwin,  Northern Territory  Australia
12°58′S 28°38′E Ndola  Zambia
12°46′S 15°44′E Huambo  Angola
12°47′S 45°13′E Mamoudzou,  Mayotte  France
12°58′S 38°30′W Salvador,  Bahia  Brazil
13º09'S 74º13'W Ayacucho  Peru
13°50′S 171°50′W Apia  Samoa
13°59′S 33°47′E Lilongwe  Malawi
14°16′S 170°42′W Pago Pago,  American Samoa  United States
14º47'S 39º02'W Ilhéus,  Bahia  Brazil
15°25′S 28°17′E Lusaka  Zambia
15°36′S 56°05′W Cuiabá,  Mato Grosso  Brazil
15°40′S 34°58′E Blantyre  Malawi
15°47′S 47°54′W Brasília, Brazilian Federal District Distrito Federal  Brazil
16°24′S 71°32′W Arequipa  Peru
16°30′S 68°08′W La Paz  Bolivia
16º41'S 49º15'W Goiânia,  Goiás  Brazil
16°57′S 145°45′E Cairns,  Queensland  Australia
17°32′S 149°34′W Papeete,  French Polynesia  France
17°45′S 63°14′W Santa Cruz  Bolivia
17°45'S 168°18'E Port Vila  Vanuatu
17°51′S 25°52′E Livingstone  Zambia
17°52′S 31°02′E Harare  Zimbabwe
18°10′S 178°27′E Suva  Fiji
18°28′S 70°18′W Arica  Chile
18°55′S 47°31′E Antananarivo  Madagascar
19°03′S 65°16′W Sucre  Bolivia
19°15′S 146°46′E Townsville,  Queensland  Australia
19°55′S 43°56′W Belo Horizonte,  Minas Gerais  Brazil

20° South

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
20°10′S 28°34′E Bulawayo  Zimbabwe
20°10′S 57°31′E Port Louis  Mauritius
20°13′S 70°10′W Iquique  Chile
20°18′S 118°36′E Port Hedland,  Western Australia  Australia
20º19'S 40º20'W Vitória,  Espírito Santo  Brazil
20º26'S 54º38'W Campo Grande,  Mato Grosso do Sul  Brazil
20°52′S 55°28′E Saint-Denis,  Réunion  France
21°10′S 27°30′E Francistown  Botswana
21°80'S 175°12'W Nuku'Alofa  Tonga
22°17'S 166°27'W Nouméa,  New Caledonia  France
22°27′S 68°56′W Calama  Chile
22°34′S 17°5′E Windhoek  Namibia
22°54′S 47°03′W Campinas,  São Paulo  Brazil
22°54′S 43°14′W Rio de Janeiro,  Rio de Janeiro  Brazil
23°22′S 150°31′E Rockhampton,  Queensland  Australia
23°33′S 46°38′W São Paulo,  São Paulo  Brazil
23°38′S 70°23′W Antofagasta  Chile
23°54′S 29°27′E Polokwane, Limpopo  South Africa
24°39′S 25°54′E Gaborone  Botswana
24°47′S 65°25′W Salta  Argentina
25°16′S 57°40′W Asunción  Paraguay
25°25′S 49°17'W Curitiba,  Paraná  Brazil
25°28′S 30°59′E Nelspruit, Mpumalanga  South Africa
25°44′S 28°11′E Pretoria, Gauteng  South Africa
25°51′S 25°38′E Mafikeng, North West  South Africa
25°58′S 32°35′E Maputo  Mozambique
26°08′S 27°54′E Johannesburg, Gauteng  South Africa
26°19′S 31°08′E Mbabane  Swaziland
26°50′S 65°13′W San Miguel de Tucumán,  Tucumán  Argentina
27°22′S 70°20′W Copiapó  Chile
27º25'S 48º32'W Florianópolis,  Santa Catarina  Brazil
27°28′S 153°02′E Brisbane,  Queensland  Australia
28°00′S 153°25′E Gold Coast,  Queensland  Australia
28°45′S 24°46′E Kimberley, Northern Cape  South Africa
29°18′S 27°28′E Maseru  Lesotho
29°37′S 30°23′E Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal  South Africa
29°53′S 31°03′E Durban, KwaZulu-Natal  South Africa
29°06′S 26°13′E Bloemfontein, Free State  South Africa
29°54′S 71°15′W La Serena  Chile

30° South

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
30°01′S 51°13′W Porto Alegre,  Rio Grande do Sul  Brazil
31°24′S 64°11′W Córdoba, Córdoba  Argentina
31°46′S 52°21′W Pelotas,  Rio Grande do Sul  Brazil
31°58′S 115°49′E Perth,  Western Australia  Australia
32°53′S 27°23′E Bhisho, Eastern Cape  South Africa
32°53′S 68°50′W Mendoza,  Mendoza  Argentina
32°55′S 151°47′E Newcastle,  New South Wales  Australia
32°57′S 60°40′W Rosario,  Santa Fe  Argentina
33°03′S 71°37′W Valparaíso  Chile
33°27′S 70°39′W Santiago  Chile
33º41'S 53º26'W Chuí,  Rio Grande do Sul  Brazil
33°52′S 151°13′E Sydney,  New South Wales  Australia
33°55'S 18°25'E Cape Town, Western Cape  South Africa
33°57′S 25°38′E Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape  South Africa
34°40′S 58°24′W  Buenos Aires  Argentina
34°53′S 56°10′W Montevideo  Uruguay
34°55′S 138°36′E Adelaide,  South Australia  Australia
35°17′S 149°08′E Canberra,  Australian Capital Territory  Australia
36°50′S 73°03′W Concepción  Chile
36°51′S 174°47′E Auckland  New Zealand

36.6 degrees south Wodonga Australia

37°47′S 175°17′E Hamilton  New Zealand
37°49′S 144°58′E Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) Victoria  Australia
38°43′S 62°16′W Bahía Blanca,  Buenos Aires Province  Argentina
39°40′S 73º14'W Valdivia  Chile

40° South

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
41°09′S 71°18′W San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro Province Río Negro  Argentina
41°17′S 174°47′E Wellington  New Zealand
41°28′S 72°56′W Puerto Montt  Chile
42°53′S 147°18′E Hobart,  Tasmania  Australia
43°15′S 65°18′W Trelew,  Chubut  Argentina
43°32′S 172°37′E Christchurch  New Zealand
45°24′S 72°41′W Puerto Aisén  Chile
45°34′S 72°04′W Coihaique  Chile
45°52′S 67°29′W Comodoro Rivadavia,  Chubut  Argentina
45°52′S 170°30′E Dunedin  New Zealand
46°25′S 168°19′E Invercargill  New Zealand

50° South

Latitude Longitude City, State Country
51°38′S 69°13′W Río Gallegos  Argentina
51°42′S 57°51′W Stanley  Falkland Islands (UK)
53°10′S 70°56′W Punta Arenas  Chile
54°17′S 36°31′W Grytviken  South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (UK)
54°48′S 68°18′W Ushuaia,  Tierra del Fuego  Argentina
54º56′S 67º37′W Puerto Williams  Chile
55º01′S 67º06′W Puerto Toro  Chile

60° South

There are no cities from 60° South to 70° South. The Antarctic Circle is located at latitude 66° 33' 44" S.

70° South

There are no cities from 70° South to 80° South.

80° South

There are no cities from 80° South to 90° South.

90° South


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