Julie Ditrich

Julie Ditrich

Julie Ditrich is a director of the Black Mermaid Productions creative team based in Australia. Julie has a background in therapy and publishing. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Professional Writing (University of Canberra, 1986) where she majored in freelance writing, script writing and theatre/media, she worked in bookselling and publishing, and coordinated a children's literary program for several years. She was also employed as the publications manager at the Australian Society of Authors where she commissioned, wrote and edited books on authorship. Concurrently, Julie worked as a writer on various comics including the Australian independent Oblagon, as well as the US original ElfQuest: WaveDancers series and the Dart miniseries. She also ran a clinical hypnotherapy and PSH therapy practice in the Sydney CBD for over eleven years, and during that time had several articles published in various professional journals. Julie has worked fulltime as a freelance writer, editor and publishing consultant since 2004. During that time she ghosted five biographies, an Australian local history coffee table book, and edited several Mind Body Spirit books in the Australian mainstream fiction and non-fiction publishing arena. She is currently focussing specifically on writing comics, graphic novels and books. The genres she loves are fantasy, fairy tales and folk tales, myths and legends, metaphysical and supernatural, romance, action-adventure, and mind body spirit.

Also now the ASA (Australian Society of Authors) Comics and Graphic Novel Portfolio Holder. Founder of the Comics and Graphic Novel Portfolio for the ASA.

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