HMS Wasp

HMS Wasp

Ten ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS "Wasp":

* "Wasp" was an 8-gun sloop launched in 1749. She was sold in 1781.
* "Wasp" was a 16-gun brig-sloop launched in 1780. She was used as a fireship in 1798 and expended in 1800.
* "Wasp" was originally a French 16-gun cutter called "Espion". She was captured in 1782 and sold in 1784.
* "Wasp" was a 4-gun gunvessel purchased in 1794 from the Dutch. She was sold in 1801.
* "Wasp" was originally a French 14-gun sloop captured in 1800. She was sold in 1811.
* "Wasp" was an 18-gun Cruizer class brig-sloop launched in 1812. She was broken up in 1847.
* "Wasp" was a wood screw sloop launched in 1850. She was sold in 1869.
* "Wasp" was a composite screw gunboat launched in 1880. She was wrecked in 1884 and finally sold in 1910.
* "Wasp" was a torpedo boat launched in 1884. She was sold circa 1906.
* "Wasp" was a composite screw gunboat launched in 1886. She foundered 1887 after leaving Singapore

* HMS "Wasp" was a Coastal Forces shore establishment at Dover during World War II [ [ Royal Navy Coastal Forces 1940-1945 ] ]



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