List of major and official Austronesian languages

List of major and official Austronesian languages

This is a list of major and official Austronesian languages, a language family widely dispersed throughout the islands of Southeast Asia and the Pacific, with a few members spoken on continental Asia and Madagascar.

Major languages

;Languages with at least 4 million native speakers
* Javanese (76 million)
* Malay (40 million native, 175 million total)
* Sundanese (27 million)
* Tagalog (22 million native, ~70 million total [ [ Educational Characteristics Of The Filipinos ] ] )
* Cebuano (19 million native, ~30 million total)
* Malagasy (17 million)
* Madurese (14 million)
* Ilokano (8 million native, ~10 million total)
* Hiligaynon (7 million native, ~11 million total)
* Minangkabau (7 million)
* Batak (6 million, all dialects)
* Bikol (4.6 million, all dialects)
* Banjar (4.5 million)
* Balinese (4 million);Official languages
* Indonesian, a standardised variant of Malay (23 million native, ~220 million total, Indonesia)
* Tagalog (Filipino) (22 million native, ~70 million total, Philippines)
* Malay (18 million native, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei)
* Malagasy (17 million, Madagascar)
* Tetum (800,000 speakers, East Timor)
* Fijian (350,000 native, 550,000 total, Fiji)
* Samoan (370,000, Samoa, American Samoa)
* Tahitian (120,000, French Polynesia)
* Tongan (108,000, Tonga)
* Gilbertese (100,000, Kiribati)
* Māori (100,000, New Zealand)
* Chamorro (60,000, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands)
* Marshallese (> 44,000, Marshall Islands)
* Tuvaluan (13,000, Tuvalu)
* Niuean (8,000, Niue)
* Nauruan (6,000, Nauru)
* Carolinian (3,000, Northern Mariana Islands)
* Hawaiian (1000 native, 8000 competent, Hawaii)


;Dialects of major languages.* Banyumas Javanese (1,000,000 native, Indonesia)

* Batak Karo language (600,000 native, Indonesia)
* Sri Lanka Malay (40000 , Sri Lanka)


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