Eden may refer to:

*Garden of Eden, a place described in the biblical book of "Genesis"


*Eden (name), a family name and a given name (and list of people with that name)
*Eden Baronets, two English baronetcy families
*Anthony Eden, UK Prime Minister (1955-1957)
*Barbara Eden, a film and television actress

Art and entertainment

Film and television

*"East of Eden" (film), a 1955 film
*"The First Eden: The Mediterranean World and Man", a 1987 documentary series by David Attenborough
*"Eden", a 2001 film by Amos Gitai based on Arthur Miller's novel "Homely Girl"
*"Eden Lord", antagonist of "Nip/Tuck's" Season 5
*Eden (Aladdin), a character from the "Aladdin" television series


*Eden Games, a game developer studio
*"Project Eden", a first/third-person shooter published by Eidos
*PixelJunk Eden, an organic platformer in the "PixelJunk" series from developer Q-Games
*"Far East of Eden", a popular series of RPG games developed by Hudson Soft


*"Eden" (novel), a 1959 novel by Stanisław Lem
*"", a manga by Hiroki Endo
*"East of Eden", a novel by John Steinbeck


*Eden Studios, a recording studio in West London
*Eden (cartoon character), a character played by Fiona Russell-Powell for the band ABC
*"Eden" (Sarah Brightman album)
**"Eden (song)", a song by Hooverphonic
*"Eden" (Luna Sea album)
*"Eden" (Everything but the Girl album)
*"Eden" (Étienne Daho album), an album by Étienne Daho
*"Eden" (Akino Arai album), an album by Akino Arai
*Eyes of Eden, a gothic metal band founded in 2005 by Waldemar Sorychta
*"Long Road Out of Eden", a 2007 CD from The Eagles


*EDEN, the Engine for DEfinitive Notations. Used in model building for Empirical modelling.


Geographic landforms

*River Eden, Cumbria, England
*River Eden, Kent, England
*River Eden, Fife, Scotland
*Eden Water, a tributary of the River Tweed, Scotland
*Mount Eden, a volcano in Auckland, New Zealand

Municipalities and communities

In Australia:
*Eden, New South Wales:*Electoral district of Eden

In England:
*Eden, Cumbria

In South Africa:
*Eden District Municipality

In Sweden:
*Eden, Junsele, Sweden

In the United States:
*Eden, Idaho
*Eden, Indiana
*Eden, Kansas
*Eden, Maryland
*Eden, Mississippi
*Eden, New York
*Eden, North Carolina
*Eden, South Dakota
*Eden, Texas
*Eden, Utah
*Eden, Vermont
*Eden, Wisconsin
*Eden (town), Wisconsin
*Eden, Wyoming
*Eden Township (disambiguation)

Institutions or landmarks

*Camp Eden, a Danish military base near al-Qurnah, Iraq closed in 2004
*Eden House, a detention unit for mentally challenged children established in 1982 within the boundaries of the Child and Parent Resource Institute in London, Ontario, Canada
*Eden Project, an environmental project in Cornwall, England
*Eden Theological Seminary, a seminary of the United Church of Christ
*Edens Expressway, an expressway north of Chicago, Illinois
*Stadion Eden, Slavia Prague's football stadium

Other uses

*VIA Eden, a central processing unit family
*MBDB or EDEN, a psychedelic drug
*Education Data Exchange Network (EDEN)
*Eden growth model, a mode of aggregate growth
*Eden Organic, an organic food company

See also

* EDUN, an Irish fashion company started by Bono, Ali Hewson, and Rogan Gregory

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