Fenrir (disambiguation)

Fenrir (disambiguation)

Fenrisulfr, Fenrir or Fenris is a Norse mythological wolf.

Fenrir or Fenris may also refer to:

*Fenrir (moon), a moon of Saturn named after Fenrisulfr
*Fenris - Inner Sphere designation of a Medium-class Clan Battlemech in the science-fiction series "Battletech"
*Fenrir is a monster card in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game

In printed media:
*Fenris Ulf, or Maugrim, a character in C.S. Lewis's "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"
*Fenrir Greyback, a lycanthropic Death Eater in the Harry Potter series of books
*The Lord of Terror, from the anime and manga "Oh My Goddess!"
*Fenris - character in a comic book Lucifer (DC Comics) published by Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics
*The Fenris device, a fearsome weapon in the eponymous book by Brian Stableford
* Fenris, the varg's God in the book The Sight.In music:
*Fenriz is the stage name of the lyricist and drummer for the Norwegian black metal band Darkthrone

In video games:
*The Fenrir is a Minmatar freighter class capital ship in "Eve Online".
*The Fenris brood is a part of the Zerg Swarm in the "StarCraft" series.
*Fenrir is the name of an ancient civilization that lived in the north of Aselia in "Tales of Phantasia"
*Fenrir is the companion of the Ice spirit Celsius in "Tales of Symphonia"
*Get of Fenris, a werewolf tribe in the roleplaying game "Dark Ages: Werewolf"
*The motorcycle that Cloud Strife drove in the movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
*A recurring summon from the "Final Fantasy" series, appearing in "Final Fantasy VI", "Final Fantasy IX", and "Final Fantasy XI"
*Fenris the familiar in the Quest for Glory universe
*Fenrir is the name of the Democratic Republic of Leasath's advanced superfighter from the flight-simulation game ""
*Fenrir is the name of a dark magic tome in the game Fire Emblem
*Fenrir is a type of pet that can be mounted by any character classess in the online game, Mu Online
*The Keyblade you obtain in the videogame Kingdom Hearts II after defeating Sephiroth
*Fenrir is the name of a Muspell aircraft carrier in the computer game "Battle Engine Aquila"
*In a stage of Age of Empires II there is a wolf called Fenrir that has more hp than the usual
*At the Venus light house in Golden Sun, Fenrir Drops the rarest in-game item.

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