Superman Tower Of Power

Superman Tower Of Power

The Superman Tower of Power is a thrill ride located in many Six Flags, Inc. parks and attractions. The ride was reincarnated in many forms, some being a Turbo Drop ride, some a "combo tower" and others, brisk Roto Towers.

ix Flags St. Louis

The most common versions of this ride, are called "Roto-Towers" although fans fondly call them "Roto-Drops". They are themed versions of Intamin's Giant Drop tower, and can be found at Six Flags St. Louis The rider sits down on a metal seat with hardened plastic attached to it to provide a secure and "locked-in" feeling. The seats begin to move up the tower very fast, allowing an amazing view of the park. When the seats reach the top crest, they sit for up to 10 seconds, you feel yourself drop a few feet, unlocking from the holder, and then you drop about straight down onto magnetic brakes, and then freefall all the way down very fast. The restraints come up, and you can exit the ride. Height Restrictions: minimum convert|48|in|m


*Flash Pass: No
*Introduced: 2006; formally at Six Flags Astroworld, know as "Dungon Drop"
*Elevation: convert|227|ft|m
*Top Speed: convert|69.5|mph|km/h
*Ride Duration: 1 Minute 30 Seconds
*Capacity: 24 riders
*Manufacturer: Intamin AG

ix Flags Over Texas

The Superman Tower Of Power at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington,TX was added to the tower section of the park in 2003. With a structural height of convert|325|ft|m, it is the tallest ride in the park passing that of the Oil Derrick Observation Tower by convert|25|ft|m. Superman Tower of Power is also the tallest ride to use both space shot and turbo drop pneumatic (air powered) sequences in the world. It features three towers: blue, red, and yellow positioned so that ride resembles a tripod like structure. Riders are seated facing outwards and are strapped using airlocked shoulder restraints and a safety belt that attaches the restraint to the seat. The ride begins with the weigh procces. During this time the cart is raised and lowered as the ride's computer determines the amount of air pressure to use for the ride cycle. Once completed, there is a brief pause and the riders are then launched up the tower (space shot)then slow just before reaching the top. This is the first feeling of weightlessness that the riders experience. The cart briskly falls halfway down the tower then brought back up to the top to complete the turbo drop portion of the ride. Once at the top the cart locks into the breaks and is held there giving the riders just enough time to view both the Dallas and Fort Worth skylines. The cart is then released from the breaks and the riders are dropped giving them the second and final experience of weightlesness. The riders are then bounced half way up the tower and dropped again until they are slowly brought back down to be unloaded.

At night the ride is illuminated by various colored lights that change and can be seen for miles.


*Height Restrictions: min. convert|54|in|m
*Top Speed: convert|55|mph|km/h
*Elevation: convert|325|ft|m
*Introduced: 2003
*Ride Duration: 1 minute 15 seconds

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