Jewish–Roman wars

Jewish–Roman wars

Infobox Military Conflict

conflict=Jewish-Roman Wars
date=66 - 629 [ The Jews of Palestine assisted the Persians in fighting the Byzantine before defecting to the Byzantines again]
result= Roman victories; Jewish diaspora.
territory=Judea remained a Roman Province until Arab conquest
combatant1=Roman Empire
combatant2=Jewish Zealots
casualties1=Very heavy.
casualties2=Very heavy; enslavement of some and diaspora
The Jewish-Roman wars were a series of revolts by the Jews of Iudaea Province against the Roman Empire. Some sources use the term to refer only to the First Jewish-Roman War (66–73) and Bar Kokhba revolt (132-135). Other sources include the Kitos War (115–117) as one of the Jewish-Roman wars; however this revolt started in Cyrenaica, and merely its final stages were actually fought in Iudea Province.

* First Jewish-Roman War (66–73) - also called the First Jewish Revolt or the Great Jewish Revolt.
* Kitos War (115–117) - sometimes called the Second Jewish-Roman War.
* Bar Kokhba revolt (132-135), also called the Second Jewish-Roman War (when Kitos War is not counted), or the Third (when the Kitos War is counted).

Further revolts by the Jews in Iudaea Province:

* War against Gallus (351), the Jewish revolt originating in Sepphoris.
* Revolt against Heraclius (613), the Jewish revolt originating in Tiberias.

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*Siege of Jerusalem
*Fall of Masada
*Arch of Titus
*Temple in Jerusalem
*Second Temple


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