High Mayhem Emerging Arts

High Mayhem Emerging Arts

Founded in 2001, High Mayhem Emerging Arts is a not-for-profit emerging arts facility, record label and multimedia production collective based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. High Mayhem curates performances and organizes workshops year-round with musicians and performance artists locally and globally. The group's members, volunteers and constituents have created a live/work space which allows them to explore their varied interests, commune with one another and experiment with sound, vision, movement and complex adaptive systems.


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Artists and ensembles associated with High Mayhem include:

The Late Severa Wires (Santa Fe, NM)

We Drew Lightning (Santa Fe, NM)

Dierdre Morris (Santa Fe, NM)

The brilliant Dullards (Santa Fe, NM)

Alchemical Burn (Albuquerque, NM)

ANAVAN (Los Angeles, CA)

many, many, many more....please see link above


Starting in 2002, High Mayhem has held an annual festival to showcase talent from Santa Fe and around the world. The first annual High Mayhem festival was two days in length, being extended to three the following year.


The sixth annual festival took place September 21st through 23rd at Wise Fool New Mexico.

Performers included:

A. Barnhouse, Al Faaet, Playroom, bullseal, The Cleveland Trio, I Pledge Allegiance- a multimedia aerial commentary, WMD three, We Drew Lightning, Chris Jonas' Rrake, Scott Moore's Liquid Mandala, Burning Books with The brilliant Dullards, Boulez Anthems 2-CK Barlow and David Felberg, John Berndt solo, Rewired, Loud Objects, GK duo, Deirdre Bond, Mute Socialite, Ecotone Physical Theater, Esthom, TRAPS, Venerable Scroat, The Deirdre Bond Show, D Numbers, Aux Yeax Fermes, Scrambler, Noisefold.


The fifth annual High Mayhem festival was held from October 6th through 8th at Wise Fool New Mexico and included the following performances:

The brilliant Dullards, Steven M. Miller, Out of Context, milagro, Simulate Sensual, dBRxx, Basement Films Shorts, Dry Ice (anarchestra), Anarcho-Dada, Rrake (Chris Jonas, et al.), Elizabeth Lord, The Late Severa Wires w/ Hypothetical Entity, Ray Charles Ives w/ Cohdi Harrel, Masnavi Dance Collective, get down on your knees and pray motherfucker, Nox (0), Santa Fe Women's Slam Poetry Collective, alchemical burn, DERAIL, Deirdre Morris, The Hall Monitors and WalkER & Miss Ginger.


The fourth annual High Mayhem was held from October 7th through 9th at Wise Fool New Mexico and included the following performances:

Anarchestra, Taiji Pole, Precision Poetry Drill Team, Santa Fe New Music Youth Ensemble, MAD TRIO, Masnavi, ZIYA, Ojo del Fuego-Apparatikus, WATIV w/ Deirdre Morris, Extended Neural Network Ensemble, Sama, Slaves to the Magnetic Field, The Uninvited Guests, soloDino, Impact Test Dummy, Basement Films, Rob Brown Trio, Molerat Noodles, David Stout and Cory Metcalf, Orangeman and Merchant, Tesuji Estrella, Simulate Sensual, Incus, Last Chance for the Loneliest Kitten, Masnavi, Eftah, Hypothetical Entity, Summon the Meteors, Gary Glazner, Grilly Biggs, Morgan Smith, and D Numbers.

A CD document of the Festival was released by High Mayhem and was titles "High Mayhem Festival 2005"

Artists took the entirety of the multimedia and stereo recordings and re-mixed them into 5 pieces


1. "New Surrealists" by JA Deane2. "Medicine Hat" by Menage a Un3. "10.666" by impacttestdummy4. "Not Nearly As Dangerous-Cities Burning" by WALKER5. "Domino Re-mix" by CK Barlow


The third annual High Mayhem festival was held from October 8th through 10th at the Paramount Nightclub in Santa Fe.


The second annual High Mayhem festival was held from November 7th through 9th at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe.


The very first annual High Mayhem Emerging Arts festival was held October 19th and 20th at High Mayhem Studios in Santa Fe, NM.

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