Gospel Standard Baptists

Gospel Standard Baptists

Gospel Standard Baptists are a Baptist denomination centered around the Gospel Standard magazine. Notable ministers in the denomination were William Gadsby and J. C. Philpot. There are over 100 Gospel Standard Chapels worldwide. Most of them are in the UK, but a few are in Australia and in America.

"Soon after its inception, a body of Strict Baptist churches began to gather around the Gospel Standard. This was notably an effect of the preaching of such men as William Gadsby, John Warburton, John Kershaw and J.C. Philpot. These men stood out against the more moderate and general Calvinism which, along with the infusion of a dry and legal spirit, was beginning to appear in Baptist churches. As one old, well-tried Christian exclaimed of these Gospel Standard adherents, "It is not a new doctrine - but the old, preached with life and power." These ministers and churches became known as "Gospel Standard ministers and churches."

"Then in 1860 some Strict Baptist ministers and churches began to deny the truth of the eternal Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ in His divine nature. The Editor of the Gospel Standard magazine, J.C. Philpot, realizing the importance of the issue, contended firmly for this vital doctrine, and called on all those ministers and churches who believed in the eternal Sonship to come forth clearly as a separate body. Thus a list of Gospel Standard churches appeared; there are about 115 at the present time including those from overseas." [ [http://www.gospelstandard.org/aboutus.asp Gospel Standard Trust Publications website] ]


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* [http://www.gospelstandard.org/ Gospel Standard Publications] The official website of the publisher of the Gospel Standard magazine.

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