Sneaker wave

Sneaker wave

Sneaker wave is a popular term used to describe disproportionately large coastal waves that can often appear in a wave train without warning.

Because they are much larger than preceding waves, sneaker waves can catch unwary swimmers, washing them out to sea. The term "sneaker wave" probably refers to a universal coastal phenomenon, but is mainly used in warnings and reports of incidents for the coasts of Northern California, Oregon and Washington in the United States.

There is no scientific evidence or coverage of the phenomenon "sneaker wave" — as being a distinct sort of wave with respect to height or predictability — like there is on other extreme wave events as for instance rogue waves.

eventh wave

In many parts of the world local lore predicts that out of a certain number of waves, one will be much larger than the rest — "every seventh wave" is one common belief that has wide circulation and has entered popular culture through music and literature. [Cite book | author= Kinsman, Blair | coauthors= | title= Wind waves : their generation and propagation on the ocean surface | date=1984 | publisher=Dover Publications | isbn=0-486-49511-6 p. 10.] These ideas have some scientific basis, [For example: Cite book | author=Massel, Stanislaw R. | title=Ocean surface waves: their physics and prediction | date=1996 | publisher=World Scientific | location=Singapore | isbn=981-02-2109-6 §4.6, pp. 192–200.] along with a cultural-inflicted fascination with the number 7. This saying may also serve to educate shore dwellers about the necessity of remaining vigilant when near the sea.

However, there is no scientific evidence that these wave groups are related to sneaker waves.


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