Gallant may refer to:

In fiction

* Felicia Gallant, a character on the soap opera "Another World"
* Michael Gallant, a medical doctor in the TV series "ER"
* Goofus & Gallant, a cartoon in "Highlights for Children" featuring two contrasting boys to show differences between "good" and "bad" behavior

In water transportation

* HMS "Gallant" (H59), a G-class destroyer
* USS "Gallant" (MSO-489), an "Aggressive"-class minesweeper

People with the surname Gallant

* A. Ronald Gallant (21st century), leading American econometrician
* Brian Gallant (21st century), New Brunswick politician
* Cheryl Gallant (born 1960), Conservative Canadian politician
* Gerard Gallant (born 1963), Canadian ice hockey coach and former NHL player
* Gord Gallant (born 1950), retired professional ice hockey player
* John Gallant (born 1978), lacrosse player
* Jonathan Gallant (born 1976), Canadian rock bass guitarist
* Karl Gallant (21st century), former registered lobbyist for the Alexander Strategy Group
* Lennie Gallant (21st century), storyteller
* Lyndsey Gallant (21st century), New Brunswick politician
* Matt Gallant (born 1964), American television host
* Mavis Gallant (born 1922), Canadian writer
* Patsy Gallant (born 1948), Canadian pop singer and musical theatre actress
* Peter Gallant (born 1958), Canadian curler
* Shannon Gallant (born 1986), Australian rugby league player


* Gallant, Alabama, an unincorporated community in the United States

ee also

* Courage
* See [] for a list of pages whose names start with "Gallant"."

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