Munro (surname)

Munro (surname)

Munro is a Scottish surname, see Clan Munro, and may refer to:


In academia and science


In art and music

  • Alexander Munro (sculptor) (1825–1871), Scottish sculptor
  • Charlie Munro (1917–1985), New Zealand-born Australian musician
  • Donnie Munro (b. 1953), Scottish musician
  • Hugh Andrew Johnstone Munro of Novar (1797–1864), Scottish art collector
  • Ian Munro (pianist) (b. 1963), Australian musician

Clan Munro leaders

In journalism and publishing

  • Mike Munro (b. 1952), Australian television personality
  • Jim Munro (b. 1962), British journalist
  • Norman Munro (1842–1894), US newspaper publisher
  • Robert Munro (journalist) (b 1960), British journalist

In literature

In military

  • Alexander Munro of Bearcrofts (f. 17th century), Scottish military leader
  • Douglas Albert Munro (1919–1942), US WWII hero in the US Coast Guard
  • George Munro, 1st of Auchinbowie (f. late 17th century), Scottish soldier
  • George Munro, 1st of Culcairn (d. 1746), Scottish soldier
  • George Munro, 1st of Newmore (1602–1693), Scottish soldier and politician
  • John Munro, 9th of Teaninich (b.1778), Scottish soldier of the British H.E.I.C
  • Lieutenant-Colonel George Monro (1700–1757), Scottish soldier (also spelled Munro)
  • Hector Munro, 8th of Novar (1726–1805), Scottish military leader
  • James Munro (VC) (1826–1871), Scottish soldier and war hero
  • Les Munro (b. 1919), English WWII pilot and war hero
  • Robert Monro sometimes also spelt Munro. 17th century Scottish General
  • Sir Robert Munro, 6th Baronet (1684–1746), Scottish military leader
  • Sir Thomas Munro, 1st Baronet (1761–1827), Scottish soldier

In politics

In sport

  • Adam Munro (b. 1982), Canadian hockey player
  • Alan Munro (jockey) (b. 1967), British horse-racing rider
  • Alex Munro (1912–1984), Scottish football player
  • Alex Munro (footballer born 1944), Scottish-born English football player
  • Alexander Munro (athlete) (1870-?), British Olympic athlete
  • Burt Munro (1899–1978), New Zealand motorcycle racer
  • Colin Munro (b. 1937), South African cricket player
  • Dunc Munro (1901–1958), Canadian hockey player
  • Frank Munro (b. 1947), Scottish football player
  • Gerald Munro (1897-?), Canadian hockey player
  • Grant Munro (footballer) (b. 1980), Scottish football player
  • Hope Munro (b. 1981), Australian field hockey player
  • Sir Hugh Munro, 4th Baronet (1856–1919), Scottish mountaineer
  • Iain Munro (b. 1951) Scottish football player
  • Jimmy Munro (1870–1899), Scottish football player
  • Lachie Munro (b. 1986), New Zealand rugby player
  • Neil Munro (1868-1948), Scottish football player
  • Pete Munro (b. 1975), US baseball player
  • Robert Munro (rugby footballer)
  • Stuart Munro (b. 1962), Scottish football player
  • Thalia Munro (b. 1982), US water polo player


  • Andrew Munro (f. 15th century), Scottish bishop in the Roman Catholic Church
  • Morndi Munro, the last fluent speaker of the Unggumi language of Western Australia

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