Akasaka-juku (Nakasendō)

Akasaka-juku (Nakasendō)

. It flourished during the Edo Period, as it was located in a fertile valley, next to a river. [http://www.ibisoku.co.jp/nakasenndou/akasaka_Top.htm Nakasendo Akasaka-juku] . Ibisoku Co., Ltd. Accessed July 11, 2007.]

Modern Day

Today, you are able to see the old row houses and historical ruins from this Edo period post town. Also, for a more detailed look at the old post town, a virtual tour has been created, which introduces the area at the beginning of the Tōkaidō and Nakasendō; in 1680, during the Enpō era; at the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate; and in modern times. [http://www.ibisoku.co.jp/nakasenndou/VR/akasaka-VR.html Akasaka-juku Virtual 1] . Ibisoku Co., Ltd. Accessed July 12, 2007.]

Neighboring Post Towns

;Nakasendō:Mieji-juku - Akasaka-juku - Tarui-juku


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