Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1960

Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1960
Eurovision Song Contest 1960
Country  Sweden
National selection
Selection process Melodifestivalen 1960
Selection date(s) Semi-final
28 December 1959
2 January 1960
Selected entrant Siw Malmkvist
Selected song "Alla andra får varann"
Finals performance
Final result 10th, 4 points

Sweden chose its entry for Eurovision Song Contest 1960 by the national final, Melodifestivalen 1960. The winning song, "Alla andra får varann" was performed once by Östen Warnerbring and once by Ingrid Berggren. However Sveriges Radio decided that Siw Malmkvist would represent Sweden, as she had been denied that the previous year.

Melodifestivalen 1960

Melodifestivalen 1960 was the selection for the third song to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the second time that this system of picking a song had been used. It was held on 2 February 1959, however an internal semi-final, not broadcast on radio or television, was held on 28 December 1959, where the 8 songs were reduced to 4. Approximately 1100 songs were submitted to SVT for the competition. The final was broadcast on Sveriges Radio TV and Sveriges Radio P1 from Cirkus, Stockholm and the presenter was Jeannette von Heidenstam. Last year's winner Siw Malmkvist was selected to sing the winning son, Alla andra får varann, at Eurovision.

At the final of Melodifestivalen two artists sang the same song, one with a large orchestra and a second with a smaller orchestra.

Draw Artist1 Artist2 Song Songwriters Place Points
1 Inger Berggren Östen Warnebring "Underbar, så underbar" Per Lindqvist 2nd 76
2 Östen Warnebring Inger Berggren "Alla andra får varann" Ulf Källqvist, Åke Gerhard 1st 85
3 Britt Damberg Mona Grain "Nancy, Nancy" Sune Borg, Åke Gerhard 4th 56
4 Tommy Jacobsson - "Vårens första flicka" Gunnar Hoffsten, Åke Gerhard - -
5 Mona Grain Britt Damberg "Alexander" Åke Gerhard 3rd 67
6 Bertil Englund - "Flicka med positiv" Bobbie Ericson, Eric Sandström - -
7 Lill-Babs - "En kyss" Albert Stenbock, Fritz-Gustaf Sundelöf - -
8 Lars Lönndahl - "Res med mig" Bobbie Ericson, Eric Sandström - -
  • 1: Performer with large orchestra
  • 2: Performer with smaller orchestra

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