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Daekyeung College

Taekyeung College

Taekyeung College is a private South Korean technical college specialized in art, cooking, beauty design and entertainment. About 150 instructors are employed. The current president is Yoo Jin-sun. The campus is situated in Gyeongsan City, North Gyeongsang province.

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Education Mission

By systemizing interchange with prominent overseas universities, the excellent education that has been implemented this year allows students to receive education from professors and celebrated overseas professors using education programs of world-renown colleges at our school. Through this, students can receive worldwide accepted certifications and licenses or they can transfer to famous overseas colleges or choose to seek employment in Korea and abroad.

Overseas colleges that have or are scheduled to come to a contract with our school in order to perform excellent education include Vidal Sassoon, Pivot Point, Christian Chauveau, Christian Valmy, IAHS (International Association of Hair Dressing Schools), etc for the Department of Beauty Design. For the department of Hotel Culinary Arts, agreements were made with Deakin University of Australia, C.I.A. (Culinary Institute of America), ICIF (Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners), ESCF of France and the Aalborg University of Denmark. Cooperative schools with the Department of Hotel Management include the Switzerland Hotel Management University, Cornell University of the USA and the IHRA (International Hotel and Restaurant Association), while the Department of Interior Design came to agreements with the Chenghua University in China and S.V.A (School of Visual Arts in the US). The Department of Computer Science is partnered with Deakin University in Australia and the Department of Social Welfare and Early Childhood Education have come to cooperative agreements with Gothenburg University in Sweden and Aalborg University in Denmark.

In addition, the Department of Police Administration works together with the Michigan State University of the US, while the Department of Theatre, Film and Broadcast works with S.V.A. (New York University). Meanwhile, the Faculty of Security Administration has the nation¡¯s best traditional security education and is scheduled to open branch courses in Indonesia, Australia and China, which will be the launch for our excellent educational programs being exported overseas.


The college offers three-year courses of study through its department of Nursing, department of Visual Optics, department of Early Childhood Education, department of Interior Design & Display, department of Theatre and Film, department of Musical Theatre, department of Film & Broadcasting Production, department of Event and Event Management. In addition, two-year programs are available through the faculty of Police Administration, department of Social Welfare, department of Hotel Management, department of International Tourism, department of Hotel Culinary Arts, department of Baking Technology, department of Hospital Administration, department of Sports Science, department of Physical Training, department of Beauty Design, department of Makeup Art, department of Fashion Specialist, faculty of Security Administration, department of Military Officers, department of Modeling, department of Internet Games, department of Wedding Management, department of Animal training, department of Bio-Food Cooking.


2007 Mar 01 Dr. Yoo Jin-sun appointed as 7th President Feb 12 Agreed on MOU for production of digital movie among TK College, Gyeongsangbuk-do and T-Artists

2006 Dec 03 Completed dorms for foreigners Nov 01 Designated as New Farming Movement Korea training institution by the Chinese local governments of Jiangsu and Shandong. Oct 30 Joint development of Fashion Beauty Tour with Daegu city - agreed on contract for 1+2 exchange program with Vietnam's Viet-Han Economics and Technologies College Oct 18 Visit by the ambassador from Vietnam Sep 28 Agreed on academic-military affiliation with army headquarters through establishment of the officer's department Sep 25 No. 1 employment rate for B group technical colleges as reported by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources(98.2%) as well as 3rd place for full time employment rates (83.5%) Sep 19 Opened TK College fashion room 'Alamode' (1st floor of design building) Aug 11 Approval for establishing Department of Visual Optics (Ministry of Education and Human Resources) Jul 08 Held national Taekwondo competition Jun 24 Held 9th national high school beauty design competition (TK College) Jun 02 Achieved A ranking for MOE's 2007 technical college specialization evaluation in all sections (3rd field of specialization, customized education and cooperative education programs May 03 Cooperative agreement with the Daegu Local Labor Office (TK College) Apr 21 Held 2006 IAHS international hair competition (TK College, Grand Hotel)

2005 Nov 24 Completed construction of TK Winery Nov 22 [Technical college industry-academic CO-OP education workshop] Nov 09 Military-academic cooperation with the Army 8919 division Nov 03 Agreed on international cooperation with Birmingham University of England Oct 05 Presidential award for best specialized college in the 2nd Korea Local Innovation Exposition Jul 29 Agreed on international cooperation with Osaka Beauty School of Japan Jul 27 Designated as authorized training center (ATC) by the IATA and UFTAA for private aviation and travel Jul 08 Held 8th national high school beauty design competition Jul 03 Held 1st TK high school Taekwondo competition Apr 07 Award winner (Sung Eun-joo, Lee Eun-im) at the 2005 IAHS competition Location: Norway

2004 Dec 24 Agreed on international exchange contract with Deakin Univ. of Australia Nov 30 Opening ceremony of Wine Center with Deakin Univ. of Australia Nov 29 2005 contest for Korean representative to the IAHS international hair design & 7th national high school beauty design contest Nov 27 Agreed on international cooperation contract with the US Black Belt World Nov 25 Agreed on international cooperation contract with Shanghai University in China Oct 11 Agreed on international cooperation contract with Kang University in China Oct 02 150 years Almaty, Kazakhstan expedition commemoration event Jul 27 Signing ceremony for joint operation of education programs with Christian Chauveau of Ecole, France Jul 11 Dispatched to Wine Science Program of Deakin University of Australia Jun 10 Agreed on international cooperation with the Switzerland Education Group May 28 Selected as best college for specialized 3rd area for the 2004 Ministry of Education and Human Resource's financial support May 21 Held 2004 international college performing arts festival(participating nations: Germany, Australia, India, Japan, China, Korea)

2003 Nov 17 Established TK College Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation Oct 16 Established bio-science R&D center Oct 03 Established Korea-China joint 'Beauty College' Oct 01 Selected as small and medium business technology innovation development project (Small and Medium Business Administration) Jul 12 Selected as '2003 Outstanding College in 5 sections by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Financial Support Program Jun 27 Selected as outstanding small and medium business employment experience training course (Small and Medium Business Administration) May 01 Designated as industry-academic CO-OP education course college (Ministry of Education and Human Resources) Apr 25 Selected as 2003 technology innovation development project. Selected as 2003 field visit education institution Apr 01 Selected as 2003 leading club support institution(Small and Medium Business Administration) Mar 31 Selected as 2003 technology instruction college (TRITAS) Mar 24 Selected as small and medium business learning institution(Small and Medium Business Administration) Selected as venture company training institution (Small and Medium Medium Business Administration) Feb 20 Agreed on joint cooperation contract for game remote education with the Korea Game Industry Agency

2002 Jul 23 Selected as '2002 Outstanding College in 5 sections by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources for Financial Support Program May 09 Held World University Fashion Fair 2002 Mar 30 Agreed with Louisville University in the US for 3+1, 2+2 education course(Department of Play, Film and Broadcasting/Department of Computer Design) Mar 18 Agreed on field practice contract with Victoria University in Australia. Agreed on shared degree program with Deakin University in Australia(Department of Computer Communication/Department of Computer Design) Participated in 2002 India National Theatre Festival (Department of Play, Film and Broadcasting 'Chunhyang! Chunhyang!'

2001 Nov 17 5th Exhibit for texts and teaching supplies for children and children theatre performance Nov 12 Award Ceremony and Exhibition for 4th Korea High School Design Competition and Exhibit Nov 09 Air Defence Military School Academic-military affiliation agreement and agreement for consigned education for Officers Oct 22 Held 4th 2001 Korea-China Fashion Exchange Show Time and Place: Oct 26 (Fri), 2001 19:00~20:00, Dalian Institute of Light Industry, China Sep 15 Held overseas practice semester (3+1) seminar(Chisholm University in Australia; 30 students) Jul 22 Selected as outstanding college for specialized programs (4th field) by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources financial support program. Selected as outstanding college for ordered and new occupation education culture by the MOE's financial support program May 24 Participated in 2001 industry-academic cooperation design exposition between small and medium businesses and technical colleges. Location and Time: Main building 5th floor, nurturing teacher lab, 11:00 May 12 Designated as 2001 special field training and education institution by the Gyeongsanbuk-do Office of Education May 10 Opened '42nd Street' restaurant on the 5th Floor of Co-op building(Co-op building plaza) May 07 Opened 'Beauty Clinic Center on the 5th Floor of the Design building Apr 07 Launching ceremony for the overseas education and culture expedition group to Boston, USA Apr 06 Selected as technology teaching college by the Small and Medium Business Administration Mar 12 Selected as business establishment nurturing support center by the Small and Medium Business Administration

2000 Jun 07 Signing ceremony for 'Overseas Degree Course' with Chisholm University in Australia Mar 31 Agreed on student exchange with Bournemouth University of England

1999 Oct 01 Participated in '99 Fiber Fashion Export Exhibit Displayed TK College's brand, "LAGOSOL" Jan 26 Agreement as official education institute b/w TK College and IBM/LOTUS

1998 Nov 12 Agreed on education program distribution contract with PIVOT POINT School, an advanced school for hair design and esthetics Nov 01 Academic exchange seminar with Shanghai University in China and signing ceremony as sister colleges Feb 10 Industry-academic cooperation agreement with the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business

1997 Oct 23 Selected as best '98 Staff Liberalization College' by Min. of Education Sep 06 Participated in [9th World Costume Festival] (held by City of Dalian, China) Joint fashion show and design exhibit with teachers and students of Dalian Institute of Light Industry in China 1996 Nov 26~Dec 01 Held Korea-China International Design Exhibit with Dalian Institute of Light Industry in China Nov 25 Held Korea-China Joint Fashion Show with Dalian Institute of Light Industry in China (Korea Fiber Technologies Research Center) May 21 Agreed on sister affiliation with Shanghai University in China Agreed on sister affiliation with Central Academy of Arts and Design in Beijing Apr 04 Agreed on sister affiliation with Education Foundation of Bunsai in Japan Agreed on sister affiliation with Hawaii Pacific University in the US Mar 23 Agreed on sister affiliation with Beppu University in Japan

1995 Feb 20 Agreed on sister affiliation with Dalian Institute of Light Industry in China

1993 Mar 05 Opening of Taekyeung College

Co-operative Education System

Co-operative Education has played a vital role in the development and success of many Taekyeung College graduates. Students, co-op educators, faculty, and employers are partners in this educational process which integrates classroom study with paid on-the-job work experience. Co-op work terms bridge academic semesters with opportunities to apply knowledge and skills gained through studies. All Co-operative Education work terms are considered formal academic experiences with defined learning objectives, academic direction and evaluation.

Taekyeung's Co-operative Education program simultaneously offers on-the-job training, academic credit and the possibility of monetary compensation. A co-op provides valuable training and a laboratory in which to test classroom knowledge and one's aptitude in a particular career. All academic departments participate in co-op and positions related to a student's major, minor or career goals. In this program, you work with a co-op coordinator to find a qualified training site, or your current job may qualify if it relates to your studies. Co-op training can help you establish references for future employment and expand your knowledge of and experience in a particular kind of work while you are earning college credit. Co-op education may also improve your ability to make the transition from school to work when you complete your program.

This educational system is constructed with a high-tech classroom. This system enables students to practice classroom theory and practical experience demanded from the business industry. A definite hands-on approach to learning. This enables students to enter the workforce without prior work experience.

Included within this system is the 'Hair Studio' and 'Skin Clinic,' and the '42nd Street restaurant.' These are run by students and professors with profits awarded to students as scholarships.

Through the curriculum of practicality before name, competence before formality, we try to enhance the students' adaptability to business. We teach students to demonstrate abilities and skills needed most in the business world. For example, the "Lagosol" (Taekyeung's proper brand) is designed by Textile Design students, displayed by Interior Design students, advertised by Computer Design students and are being sold by Distribution and Information students through marketing research.

Co-operative education provides opportunities for students to learn and apply job search skills, enables students to develop a network of employer contacts, exposes students to the realities of the workplace in their chosen field, provides quality work experience where students can apply their knowledge and skills, and assists employers by providing well trained, enthusiastic co-op students.

The co-operative education work term is usually 17weeks in length and a minimum of 320 hours of paid program-related work experience is required. During the work term, the College will monitor the co-op student through an on-site visit, telephone call or mail.

The co-operative education work term is an academic experience for which academic credits are granted.Successful completion of a work term is based on assignments which generally include a work term exercise/report, an employer evaluation and a daily log.

The first International Export of Co-operative Education Program

Taekyeung College's CO-OP program is being internationally exported for the first time in Korea. The college established the international educational center, Taekyeung College's CO-OP (Co-Operative) program in Indonesia on the 23rd.

Now based upon this on-site educational center in March 2004, Students are being recruited. According to the international communication network, many institution staff including our own dean were invited to the actual location by the dean of U.I.A. College for the opening ceremony of the International Education Center. Also, they signed a contract with the Global Tri-Angle Educational System and made a continuous educational agreement for the three majors of security, beauty-design, and travel hotel. The college is pursuing the Indonesia international educational center in an operation method of tri-mutual cooperative system (tri-angle education system) of Taekyeung College, U.I.A. on-site college, and LG Phillips, the domestic on-site corporation. The supply and demand rate of students composes of the on-location LG Phillips laborers for the first time and the course period is from 1 to 2 years. The educational method will be executed in the CO-OP educational system developed by Taekyeung College. The subjects at the Indonesia Educational Center are Korean, Understanding Korean Business Culture, Computer Processing, and Beauty Processing; the students who complete the required courses earn a certificate.

The international global education center progresses in cooperation with the sister-school, Indonesia U.I.A. College (Domestic Islam [Ashaphia] College or U.I.A. College). The U.I.A. College provides the campus and the educational content and our institution provides the teaching staff along with course programs. Moreover, the institution agreed to further contract the security, beauty design, and hotel management majors with the U.I.A. College in operating the cooperative educational program.

From this educational program, the security major assumes the short-term security educational course as an internship from Korea's security educational exchange program; U.I.A. College operates the security educational program in sending the internship students to Korea as an on-site training group accordingly. As for the beauty design major, the professors were also sent to Korea. Thus, the U.I.A. College's beauty design and facility supports along with cooperative product development are contracted to outreach towards the Middle-East regions of Saudi Arabia and Syria. And, the travel hotel division reported to operate the actual on-site terms in cooperation through our college students and the Bally hotel on-site works along with the U.I.A. College students.

CO-OP Contract Treaty

"Associated Travel Hotels - Kotakinabalu Pacific Supra Harbor Hotel in Malaysia / Foreign CO-OP Contract Treaty Concluded"

Taekyeung College's travel/hotel department has executed a short-term major study's training program by dividing into three regions of Malaysia, Kotakinabalu, and Japan for a 6 day trip from October 26 to October 31, 2003. As a result, we have signed a mutual educational contract for a CO-OP Program with Kotakinabalu's top quality equipment and grading scale, "Pacific Supra Harbor Resort Hotel". Through the CO-OP educational program, the school and industry can cooperatively operate the practical major-related work-study program and produce many students connected to the point of actual employment in case they desire so.

In addition, we have signed a contracts with the world famous chain hotel, Shangri-la Hotel and the People Korea, the on-site travel agency. So, through such contracts, both parties manage the students in cooperation. We have agreed to train and hire the students as the world-class hoteliers and tour guides together. Even until the present day, the travel hotel associates are managing the academics in coherence with the industry entities through the mutual contract agreement with domestic, Australian, Vally, and Philippine's top quality hotels and travel agents. Educating the registered students in such coherence every vacation and semester, the students receive pay for work and are hired at a high employment rate through the CO-OP practical on-site program.

CO-OP Laboratory


[http://eng.tk.ac.kr/01/m3/m2.asp Taekyeung College Admission]

Admission Affairs, Taekyeung College San 24, Danbuk-Ri, Jain-Myun, Gyungsan, Gyungbuk, Korea 712-851

Tel: 82 53 850 1361

Fax: 82 53 850 1363

E-mail: clsfae@tk.ac.kr

homepasge: [http://www.tk.ac.kr Taekyeung College]

ister schools

The college has international ties with Swiss's SMU(Swiss Management University), Australia's Deakin University, Denmark's Aalborg tekiske skole(national university), Sweden's The Burgarden utbildningscentrum college, France's Christian Chauveau, ESCF(Ecole Superieure de Cuising Francaise), Chrstine Valmy, USA's Pivot Point, England's Vidal Sassoon Hair Design School, Itary's ICIF(Italian Culinary Institue for Foreigners), China's Shanghai University, Mingang University

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* [http://eng.tk.ac.kr/ Official school website, in English and Korean]

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