List of people from Merseyside

List of people from Merseyside

This is a list of notable people from what is now the county of Merseyside, including those from the city of Liverpool. For bands see List of famous bands from Merseyside.


*Derek Acorah: Radiopsychic and author.
*Peter Adamson: Played Len Fairclough in Coronation Street.
*Jean Alexander: Played "Hilda Ogden" on the long-running soap opera "Coronation Street".
*Charles Anderson: Victoria Cross recipient.
*Michael Angelis: Actor.
*Arthur Askey: Comedian.
*Gary Ablett: Footballer.


*Beryl Bainbridge: An acclaimed writer, nominated several times for the Booker Prize.
*Tom Baker: Actor and eccentric, famous for his portrayal of the lead role in "Doctor Who" in the 1970s and 80s
*Gary Bannon: Actor, poet, songwriter. and filmmaker
*Clive Barker: Author, director and visual artist.
*Tom Bell: Actor in Prime Suspect, The Krays and Wish You Were Here
*Mitch Benn: Comedian and songwriter, known for his work on BBC Radio 2 and 4
*Pete Best: former Beatle
*Kenneth Bigley: Civil engineer beheaded in Iraq.
*John Birt former Director General of the BBC.
*Cilla Black: Singer and entertainer, and until recently, presenter of the long running TV show Blind Date.
*Alan Bleasdale: TV dramatist.
*Gary Bleasdale: Actor and playwright.
*Tony Booth: Actor and father of Cherie Booth.
*Charles Booth: Known for his surveys of poverty.
*Doug Bradley: Actor, famous for his portrayal of Pinhead (Hellraiser) in the Hellraiser movie series.
*Ian Broudie: Singer with the Lightning Seeds.
*Robbie Brookside: Professional wrestler.
*Tom Brown, born in Liverpool, major league baseball playercite book |editor=Reichler, Joseph L.| title=The Baseball Encyclopedia |origyear=1969 |edition= 4th edition |year= 1979|publisher= Macmillan Publishing |location= New York|language= |id= ISBN 0-02-578970-8 ]
*Pete Burns: Singer
*Malandra Burrows: Actress


*Ramsey Campbell: Novelist.
*Jamie Carragher: England and Liverpool footballer, currently Liverpool vice-captain.
*Kim Cattrall: Actress, acted as Samantha Jones in "Sex and the City"
*Craig Charles: Actor and comedian, played Dave Lister in "Red Dwarf" and currently hosts "Robot Wars".
*Keith Chegwin: (aka Cheggers) hyperactive television presenter. Brother of Janice Long.
*Melanie Chisholm: Ex-member of the Spice Girls.
*Rosie Cooper: Member of Parliament
*James Corbett: Author.
*Anne Clough: Early Suffragette in the 1800s.
*Margi Clarke: Actress
*Elvis Costello: Pop Singer
*Alex Cox: Film director.
*Alex Curran: WAG, fiancée of footballer Steven Gerrard.
*Edwina Currie: Outspoken author and former MP.
*Daniel Craig: Actor, new James Bond as from 2006
*Laura Critchley: Singer/Songwriter
*Jonathan Barcley: Online Gamer


*George Davies: Popular fashion businessman.
*Terence Davies: Film director.
*Dixie Dean: Everton's all time footballing legend.
*Les Dennis: Comedian and actor.
*Ken Dodd: Comedian and singer, well-loved for unique traits such as buck teeth, frizzy hair and tickling stick (as well of course for the 'diddy men').
*Brian Dooley: Writer of The Smoking Room.


*Kenny Everett: DJ and comic.
*Jennifer Ellison soap star and winner of reality TV show "Hell's Kitchen". Small role in 2004's "Phantom of the Opera" and stint in the West End's musical, "Chicago".
*Sonia Evans: Pop singer of the late 1980s.


*Freddie Franklin: dancer
*Jenny Frost: singer and former member of Atomic Kitten.
*Billy Fury: pop singer and songwriter.
*Robbie Fowler: England and Cardiff City player.
*Neil Fitzmaurice: Actor/Writer best known as Ray Von in Phoenix Nights


*Tom Georgeson: Actor.
*William Gladstone: Four times Prime Minister with many notable achievements.
*Sir Richard Glazebrook: Physicist.
*Lord Peter Goldsmith: British government Attorney General
*Leon Goossens: Musician.
*Sidonie Goossens: Musician.
*Deryck Guyler: Comedy Actor
*Steven Gerrard: Footballer (soccer) who plays for Liverpool F.C.


*Natasha Hamilton: Singer and former member of Atomic Kitten.
*Tommy Handley: Comedian.
*David Hanson: Politician.
*George Harrison: Guitarist with The Beatles
*Rex Harrison: Actor famous for My Fair Lady
*Ian Hart: Actor known for playing John Lennon in "Backbeat" and for playing Professor Quirrell in "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" (2001).
*Derek Hatton: Controversial former local politician, most famous for his opposition to Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government.
*Felicia Hemans: Poet, wrote "Casabianca" "(The boy stood on the burning deck...)".
*Adrian Henri: Painter and poet.
*Tony Hibbert: Right-back for Everton FC, currently rated as one of England's best full backs
*William Patrick Hitler: Nephew of Adolf Hitler.
*Frank Hornby: Railway toys and Meccano businessman
*Jeremiah Horrocks: Astronomer who calculated that the distance between Earth and the sun was 59,000,000 miles — though well short of the actual distance of 93,000,000 miles, his estimate was more accurate than any other calculations of his time.


*Jason Isaacs, actor


*Michael J. Jackson: Actor. Most famous for his roles in Brookside and Doctors.
*Brian Jacques: Bestselling author of the Redwall series of children's fantasy books.
*Paul Jewell: English football club manager.
*Holly Johnson: Musician
*Jack Jones: Union leader


* Josh Kirby : Artist and Illustrator
*Gillian Kearney: actor, "Brookside", "Damon and Debbie", "Hope and Glory".
* Bill Kenwright: Theatre supremo and Everton FC chairman.


*Carla Lane: television writer.
* David Langton: 9x Merseyside Youth Games Gold medalist
*Lynda La Plante: Screenwriter and actress
*John Lennon: Vocalist and rhythm guitarist of The Beatles
*Phil Liggett: sports commentator.
*Janice Long: Influential Radio 1 DJ of the 1980s. Sister of Keith Chegwin.


*Donald MacAlister: educated at Liverpool Institute for Boys
*Sharon Maughan: Actress - Holby City and Gold Blend
*James Maybrick: Victorian cotton merchant whose supposed diary contain a confession for the crimes of Jack the Ripper, though this is held by most authorities to be a crude forgery.
*Paul McGann Actor: starred in cult classic film 'Withnail and I', 'The Monocled Mutineer', and 'Doctor Who', among others.
*Roger McGough: performance poet.
*Paul McCartney: Singer and bassist with The Beatles
*Liz McClarnon: Singer; member of the former girl group Atomic Kitten.
*Andy McCluskey: Singer with OMD.
*Jimmy McGovern: Initially a writer on Brookside he went on to write Cracker starring Robbie Coltrane and the film Priest as well as the reality based drama 'Hillsbrough' based on the tragedy in which 96 Liverpool fans died.
*Steve McManaman: Liverpool F.C, Real Madrid and England Footballer
*E Rex Makin: Lawyer and philanthropist
*George Melly: Jazz and blues singer; art critic and historian
*Stephen Molyneux: British e-Learning Guru
*Nicholas Monsarrat: author of 'The Cruel Sea'.
*John Moores (merchant): Businessman and philanthropist.
*Mark Moraghan: actor, born and raised in Toxteth, best known for BBC medical soap 'Holby City'.
*Robert Morris: American Financier and signatory of the Declaration of Independence.
*Margaret Murphy: Crime novelist
*Max Muspratt (1872-1934): Chemist and politician.
*Coleen McLoughlin : Wife of Wayne Rooney and fashion expert


*Derek Nimmo: Character actor.
*Stephen Norris: Politician and Businessman.


*Simon O'Brien: actor, "Brookside", "Damon and Debbie", "Grange Hill"
*Tom O'Connor: Comedian and former quiz show host.
*Leon Osman: Everton's right sided midfielder


*John Parrott: World Championship winning Snooker player, and television personality.
*Alan Parry: TV football commentator.
*Brian Patten: 1960s poet.
*Tricia Penrose: Actress who plays Gina in TV Series "Heartbeat".
*Craig Phillips: Winner of Big Brother UK series 1.
*John Power: Basist/Vocals with the LA's and Singer/Songwriter with The Cast
*Dominic Purcell: Plays Lincoln Burrows in Prison Break


*Raymond Quinn: Actor and Singer


*Heidi Range: Singer with Sugababes.
*William Ratcliffe:Victoria Cross recipient.
*Sir Simon Rattle: Orchestra conductor.
*Phil Redmond: Television writer, producer and media entrepreneur. Created "Grange Hill", "Brookside" and "Hollyoaks", as well as reviving the fortunes of "Emmerdale".
*Peter Reid: Everton legend and Sky Sports commentator
*Kate Robbins: Impressionist, cousin of Paul McCartney, sister of Ted Robbins.
*Ted Robbins: Comic, actor and broadcaster, cousin of Paul McCartney, brother of Kate Robbins.
*Anne Robinson: Journalist, host of hit TV game show "The Weakest Link".
*Robert Robinson: TV presenter, radio presenter and writer.
*Bill Rodgers: Politician and member of SDP "Gang of Four"
*Wayne Rooney: Footballer. Manchester United and England
*William Roscoe: Poet whose popular work was translated into French, German, and other languages.
*Leonard Rossiter: Actor who played Rigsby in the TV series "Rising Damp", as well as many other roles.
*Patricia Routledge: Actress, star of "Keeping Up Appearances"
*Geoff Rowley: Pro skate Boarder.
*Robert Runcie: Anglican archbishop
*Willy Russell: Playwright.
*Ted Ray: Comedian

* Kevin Sampson: Writer, film-maker and comedian.
*Alexei Sayle: Comic.
*Peter Serafinowicz: Actor and comic writer, his most notable work includes penning the satire "Look Around You", and voicing Darth Maul in "".
*Anthony Shaffer: Dramatist of "Sleuth" and "The Wicker Man" fame. Twin brother of Peter
*Peter Shaffer: Dramatist of "Equus" and "Amadeus" fame. Twin brother of Anthony
*Lesley Sharp: Actress
*Chris Shepherd: Writer, director and animator.
*Peter Shore: Labour politician
*Peter Sissons: News reader.
*Elizabeth Sladen: Actress, best remembered as a Doctor Who assistant.
*Tom Slemen: Writer, famous for Haunted Liverpool books
*Olaf Stapledon: Author.
*Adrian Scott Stokes: Artist known for his landscape paintings.
*Freddie Starr: Comedian, impressionist and Grand National winning owner
*Ringo Starr (né Richard Starkey): Drummer with The Beatles
*Alison Steadman: Actress.
*Robert Stopford: Bishop of London
*Alan Stubbs: Everton's central defender.
*George Stubbs: Artist known for his paintings of horses.
*Dean Sullivan: Television Actor and presenter born in 1957
*Brian Summers: Pro skate boarder.
*Stuart Sutcliffe: Beatle.
*Claire Sweeney: Actress, singer and television presenter.


*Raymond Tallis : Professor of Geriatric Medicine and Poet
*Jimmy Tarbuck: Comedian, father of Liza Tarbuck
*Banastre Tarleton: British cavalry officer during the American War of Independence.
*Bill Tidy: Cartoonist
*Rita Tushingham: Actress.
*Cathy Tyson: Actress.
*Ricky Tomlinson: Actor, Comedian



* Frankie Vaughan: Stylish singer, dancer and entertainer, whose career ran from the late 1940s.


*Alfred Waterhouse: Architect.
* Joseph Williamson: philanthropist and builder of Williamson's tunnels.
*Robb Wilton: Comedian.
* Jimmy Ward : Founder Dutch Experience cannabis cafe Bournemouth 2002.
*Pete Wylie: Singer songwriter "The Mighty Wah!".



*Mal Young: Television producer and executive, has overseen such shows as Brookside, EastEnders, The Bill and Doctor Who.



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