Lone (disambiguation)

Lone (disambiguation)

Lone may refer to:

*Lone, a Kashmiri tribe
*"Lone" (comics), a comic by Stuart Moore
*Lone Guides (or Lones), Girlg Guides or Girl Scouts who don't attend meetings
*Lone gunman theory, one of the JFK assassination theories
*The Lone Gunmen, a group of conspiracy theorists in the X-Files who got their own spin-off series
*Lone-Handed 90, an episode of Joe-90
*Lone Islands, three fictional islands
*Lone Justice, an American rock band
*Lone nutter, a derogatory term aimed at conspiracy theorists
*Lone pair, an unbonded electron pair
*The Lone Ranger, a fictional cowboy
*Lone Sloane, a French comic character
*Lone Scouts, similar to Lone Guides
*Lone Star
*Lone Wolf

In people:
*John Lone, an actor
*Lone Dybkjær, a Danish politician
*Lone Fight, a family name
*Lone Horn, a Lakota chief
*Lone Pigeon, a musician
*Sajjad Lone, a Kashimir separatist

In places:
*Lone Grove, Oklahoma
*Lone Jack, Missouri
*Lone Mountain
*Lone Oak, a number of places with the same name
*Lone Pine, a number of places with the same name
*Lone Peak
*Lone Rock, a number of places with the same name
*Lone Teepee
*Lone Tree, a number of places with the same name

ee also

*The Lonely

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