President of the Republic of Macedonia

President of the Republic of Macedonia

The Macedonian Presidency is the presidency of the Republic of Macedonia. The presidency institution of the modern Republic of Macedonia as an independent state began after the Macedonian declaration of independence on September 8, 1991, and its first president was Kiro Gligorov, the oldest president in the world up until his resignation in 1999. The Macedonian presidency is a non-executive office. The head of the executive is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia.


During the period of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, there was a collective presidency which was abolished in 1991. Its first president was Metodija Andonov Čento elected at ASNOM, when the modern Macedonian state was formed, while the last one was Vladimir Mitkov. [ [ Prof. Dr. Vladimir Mitkov - Faculty of Law, University of Skopje] mk icon] Following the transition from socialist system to parliamentary democracy in 1990, the Socialist Republic of Macedonia changed the collective leadership with a single-president post in 1991. Kiro Gligorov became the first democratically elected president of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia on January 27 1991.Kiro Gligorov was elected as a President on January 27 1991, when SR Macedonia was still an official name of the state. After the change of the state's name, he continued his function as a President of the Republic of Macedonia [ The Offical Site of The President of the Republic of Macedonia] ] On April 16, 1991 the parliament adopted the constitutional amendment for removing the "Socialist Republic" adjective from the official name of the country, and on June 7 the same year, the new name Republic of Macedonia was officially established. [,160569&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&prikaz=22&VestID=18237491 "On This Day" - Macedonian Information Agency - MIA] , see: 1991 mk icon] Hence Gligorov continued his function as a president of the Republic of Macedonia. After the process of dissolution of Yugoslavia began, the Republic of Macedonia proclaimed full independence following a referendum held on September 8, 1991. After finishing his second term as a head of the independent state Gligorov was succeeded by Boris Trajkovski, who was in turn succeeded by Branko Crvenkovski.

Leaders of Macedonia (1943-Present)

ocialist Macedonia (1943-1991)

President of Initiatory Committee of ASNOM

*Metodija Andonov - Čento (1 October 1943 - 2 August 1944)

Chairman of ASNOM

*Metodija Andonov - Čento (2 August 1944 - 1 January 1945)

Presidents of the Presidium of the People's Assembly

*Metodija Andonov - Čento (1 January 1945 - 15 March 1946)
*Dimitar Vlahov (15 March 1946 - 1947) (acting)
*Blagoja Fotev (1947 - December 1950)
*Vidoe Smilevski (4 January 1951 - 1953) (acting)

Presidents of the People's Assembly

*Dimce Stojanov (1953 - 19 December 1953)
*Lazar Kolisevski (19 December 1953 - 26 June 1962)
*Ljupco Arsov (26 June 1962 - 24 June 1963)
*Vidoe Smilevski (25 June 1963 - 12 May 1967)
*Mito Hadzivasilev (1967 - 1 August 1968)
*Nikola Mincev (23 December 1968 - 6 May 1974)

Presidents of the Presidency

*Vidoe Smilevski (6 May 1974 - 31 October 1979)
*Ljupco Arsov (31 October 1979 - 29 April 1982)
*Angel Cemerski (29 April 1982 - 29 April 1983)
*Blagoja Taleski (29 April 1983 - 29 April 1984)
*Tome Bukleski (29 April 1984 - 26 April 1985)
*Vanco Apostolski (26 April 1985 - June 1986)
*Dragoljub Stavrev (June 1986 - May 1988)
*Jezdimir Bogdanski (May 1988 - 28 April 1990)
*Vladimir Mitkov (28 April 1990 - 27 January 1991)

Republic of Macedonia (1991-Present)



Kiro Gligorov was incapacitated after an assassination attempt in 1995. Stojan Andov served as acting leader during Gligorov's incapacitation.


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