Albion class ship of the line (1763)

Albion class ship of the line (1763)

The "Albion"-class ships of the line were a class of five 74-gun third rates, designed for the Royal Navy by Sir Thomas Slade.


Slade based the design of the "Albion"-class on the lines of the 90-gun ship HMS|Neptune|1757|2.


*HMS|Albion|1763|6:Builder: Deptford Dockyard:Ordered: 1 December 1759:Launched: 16 May 1763:Fate: Wrecked, 1797

*HMS|Grafton|1771|6:Builder: Deptford Dockyard:Ordered: 22 October 1767:Launched: 26 September 1771:Fate: Broken up, 1816

*HMS|Alcide|1779|6:Builder: Deptford Dockyard:Ordered: 21 August 1774:Launched: 30 July 1779:Fate: Broken up, 1817

*HMS|Fortitude|1780|6:Builder: Randall, Rotherhithe:Ordered: 2 February 1778:Launched: 23 March 1780:Fate: Broken up, 1820

*HMS|Irresistible|1782|6:Builder: Barnard, Harwich:Ordered: 8 July 1778:Launched: 6 December 1782:Fate: Broken up, 1806


*Lavery, Brian (2003) "The Ship of the Line - Volume 1: The development of the battlefleet 1650-1850." Conway Maritime Press. ISBN 0-85177-252-8.

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