Hip hop Tuga

Hip hop Tuga

Portuguese hip hop ("Hip hop português") mostly known as Hip Hop Tuga is the Portuguese variety of hip hop music, although different because it is mixed with African music from Lusophone Africa and reggae. It is often performed by African-Portuguese, descendants from African immigrants that came to Portugal after the independence of the former African colonies. The past 5 years have been productive and names such as Valete, Da Weasel, Boss AC, Sam the Kid (rapper & producer), [http://dlm.no.sapo.pt/ Dealema] , [http://mindagap.be/ Mind Da Gap] , Micro, Matozoo and [http://www.myspace.com/djguilhotina/ DJ Bomberjack] gathered many followers in the underground subculture. Graffiti artists include, among others, Mosaik, Caos, Colman, Uber, Quê?, Oker and Kayo.


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* [http://www.xlrap.net/ XLRap - www.xlrap.net] - Portuguese HipHop Portal, containing news, events, interviews, biographies, books, reviews and hosting local radio podcasts
* [http://www.h2tuga.net/ H2Tuga - www.h2tuga.net] - Portuguese HipHop: breakdance, graffiti, rap e DJing. News, event agenda, mp3, interviews, event reviews, ...
* [http://www.tuga.fm/ TUGA.FM - Representamos Hip-Hop Tuga] - Portuguese Hip-Hop Radio Station ,Online Song Request ,TOP 10 Requests ,Online TUGA Live Events , TUGA DJs , News ,...

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