American Copy Editors Society

American Copy Editors Society

s, but others are welcome.

As of 2007, the group offers:
*a headline contest
*member directories
*a newsletter
*several chapters
*three-day annual conferences
*a Web site that links to job listings and a discussion board

ACES was founded in 1997 by Pam Robinson (also its first president) and Hank Glamann. Its inception followed work by the American Society of Newspaper Editors and meetings by copy editors in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Its annual conference will be in Denver in 2008 and Minneapolis in 2009. It was held in Los Angeles in 2005, Cleveland in 2006, and Miami in 2007.

It has an executive committee of 15 people, of whom five are officers: the president, vice president for conferences, vice president for membership, secretary and treasurer. Any full member is eligible for elections. Membership is $55 a year and less for students.

The group has several chapters: Southeast, Florida, Midwest, Ohio, Texas, Southern California and Northern California, as well as some college affiliates.

External links

* [ Official Web site]
* [ Florida chapter's Web site]
* [ Midwest chapter's Web site]
* [ Northern California chapter's Web site]
* [ Ohio chapter's Web site]
* [ Southeast chapter's Web site]

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