Lumi laring ta ghawdex

Lumi laring ta ghawdex

Lumi Laring ta' Ghawdex - is the Sweet Orange of Gozo.

The Lumi Larinj ta [Ghawdex] is a type of orange found in a specific geographic area of the Maltese Archipelago, known as the island of Gozo. The cultivation of oranges in the area harks back to the Arabic domination of the Archipelago from 870 to 1090. The Arabs planted new fruits in the Maltese territory and introduced a number of agricultural innovations, especially in matters of irrigation and harvesting.

Until the XIV century, the type of orange cultivated in on the island was bitter. The sweet orange was introduced by Portuguese sailors, who imported it from India and quickly spread it around the entire Mediterranean coast.

Today the cultivation of oranges defines the landscape on the island of Gozo.

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.

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