Seaxburh of Wessex

Seaxburh of Wessex

Seaxburh was a wife of King Cenwalh of Wessex and according to tradition, ruled Wessex as Queen for a year following Cenwalh's death. She should not be confused with her near-contemporary, Saint Seaxburh of Ely, daughter of King Anna of East Anglia.

Seaxburh was not Cenwalh's first wife. He had previously been married to a sister of King Penda of Mercia. The date at which they married is unknown, and no children of their marriage are recorded, although it may be that Seaxburh ruled as regent for an unknown son, a practice well-attested in the Frankish Empire where Queens such as Brunhilde and Fredegund wielded power on behalf of sons and grandsons.

By 675, it appears that she had been replaced, as a certain Æscwine led the West Saxons successfully against Wulfhere of Mercia in that year.

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