Scientific Computing & Instrumentation

Scientific Computing & Instrumentation

"Scientific Computing (SC)" ("formerly Scientific Computing & Instrumentation - SC&I") is a trade publication of Advantage Business Media. It focuses on the scientific applications of computers for automating laboratory and instrument operations. While all aspects of scientific automation are covered, special emphasis is given to the areas of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Chromatography Data Systems (CDS), and Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS). It is published on a monthly schedule and currently has a global circulation of ~70k scientific and technical professionals. Subscriptions are free to qualified recipients (those working in the field).

LIMS and LIS are very similar in operation and design. The primary difference between them is that LIMS are normally sold to the chemical and environmental analysis market while LIS are sold to the clinical and healthcare market, so the terminology will vary, but a number of vendors sell to both markets. CDS both control and collect data from chromatographs, which include not only gas and liquid chromatographs, but also ion chromatographs and gel permeation chromatographs. SDMS are more general systems that allow the tracking of all information associated with a sample, not just the raw data, but all reports and their revisions.

The feature making this publication most useful to those working in the field are it's annual supplements, many of which contain detailed vendor responses regarding their systems design. All of these questionnaires are posted on the publications Web site, along with all of the articles, focus columns, and vendor submissions. It also provides a focus for vendor advertising, so that those looking to acquire one of these systems will have a starting point for research.

It has recently started hosting online technical seminars, Web conferences, and expositions, which have proven very popular.

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