Greater Poland Uprising (1848)

Greater Poland Uprising (1848)

The Greater Poland Uprising of 1848 ( _pl. powstanie wielkopolskie 1848 roku) was an unsuccessful military insurrection of Poles in the Grand Duchy of Posen (or the Greater Poland region) against occupying Prussian forces, during the Spring of Nations period.

The uprising was held under the political leadership of the National Committee in Poznań ("Komitet Narodowy w Poznaniu"). After Polish victories in the battles of Miłosław and Sokołów, the leadership's left wing attempted to develop the guerrilla war into a people's war, while the right wing tried to negotiate more autonomy for the grand duchy. Ernst von Pfuel led the Prussian Army against the uprising. The act of capitulation was signed on 9 May 1848. The Grand Duchy of Posen was subsequently replaced with the Province of Posen.

Famous insurgents

* Tytus Działyński (1796-1861)
* Władysław Niegolewski (1819-1885)

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