Ulm Hauptbahnhof

Ulm Hauptbahnhof

is the Hauptbahnhof for the city of Ulm, which lies on the Danube, on the border of the German states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. It is on ICE line from Stuttgart to Munich and the ParisBudapest Magistrale for Europe line that is supported by the European Union as part of its Trans-European Networks. European cities, including Amsterdam, Paris and Vienna can be reached without transferring trains.

The line between Stuttgart, Ulm and Munich is planned to be rebuilt as the Stuttgart–Augsburg new and upgraded line. This includes a new high-speed line from Stuttgart to Ulm (Wendlingen-Ulm high-speed line), the reconstruction of the line from Ulm to Augsburg to allow a maximum speed of 200 km/h, reconstruction of the Danube bridge and replacement of the Neu-Ulm station with a new underground station ("Neu-Ulm 21"). The new Danube bridge and the underground Neu-Ulm station is expected to be completed in mid 2007.

Ulm station is a major rail junction and has 14 platforms, of which six are terminating platforms. The following lines meet in Ulm:
*Filsbahn: Ulm–Geislingen–Göppingen–Plochingen–Stuttgart
*Ulm–München line: Ulm–Augsburg–München
*Württembergische Südbahn: Ulm–Biberach an der Riß–Aulendorf–Ravensburg–Friedrichshafen (part of the Schwäbische Eisenbahn)
*Donautalbahn: Ulm–Ehingen (Donau)–Sigmaringen–Tuttlingen–Donaueschingen
*Illertalbahn: Ulm–Memmingen–Kempten–Oberstdorf
*Donautalbahn (Bavaria): Ulm–Donauwörth–Ingolstadt–Regensburg
*Brenzbahn: Ulm–Heidenheim–Aalen


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