Alliance for Climate Protection

Alliance for Climate Protection
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Focus Global warming
Membership over 5,000,000 worldwide[1]
Established 2006
Founder Al Gore
Headquarters Washington, D.C., United States

The Alliance for Climate Protection was founded in 2006 by Nobel laureate and former United States Vice President Al Gore.[2] The Alliance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to educating the global community about the urgency of implementing comprehensive solutions to the climate crisis.[2] The organization oversees numerous campaigns, including Repower America, the Climate Project, Repower at Home, the WE Campaign, the Reality Coalition, and works with its affiliated organization, the Climate Protection Action Fund.



The Alliance emphasizes the need to draw together a diverse range of individuals and organizations, including representatives of labor, faith, business, schools, women, agriculture, sportsmen and many other communities. According to the website, the Alliance “brings together faces and voices in a way that diversifies and strengthens the global network of concerned individuals who want to take action now on climate issues.”[2]


Maggie L. Fox

Maggie L. Fox, President and CEO, is a veteran of numerous national issues, political and environmental campaigns and has spent 30 years working to mobilize Americans to take action. Maggie is the past National President of America Votes, a progressive coalition of over 40 organizations spearheading the largest voter mobilization and education effort in the nation. She served as the Deputy Executive Director of the Sierra Club, the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots environmental advocacy organization. Most recently, Maggie consulted with a number of organizations on their energy and climate campaigns including the Energy Future Coalition, Western Resource Advocates, and the Ocean Conservancy.[3]

Maggie began her career as a teacher and community organizer on the Navajo and Hopi Reservations of Arizona and New Mexico and worked for the Colorado, North Carolina and Northwest Outward Bound Schools for over a decade. She earned her B.A. from the University of North Carolina, a Masters in Education from the University of Colorado, and a J.D. with an emphasis in Environmental Law and Native America Natural Resources Law from Northwestern School of Law.[3]


Much of the Alliance's funding comes from Al Gore's work. Paramount Classics, distributor of Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth announced in August 2006 that it would donate 5% of all box office receipts to the Alliance. Al Gore is also donating all his proceeds from the film to the Alliance.[4] After receiving the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore pledged to donate 100% of his share of the prize (approximately $1.5 million) to the Alliance.[5] Gore's recently published book, Our Choice, have had all proceeds donated to the Alliance.[6]

Some of the profits from the Live Earth concerts,[7] and profits from the associated book - The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook,[8][9] will also be used to fund the alliance, which is also seeking contributions from other donors.


Repower America

Repower America is a campaign launched in 2008 by Al Gore, based on a speech he gave in July 2008.[10] The campaigns calls for a plan to “repower” the United States and revitalize national energy infrastructure, through investment in energy efficiency, clean renewable energy sources, a unified smart energy national grid and clean car technology.[10]

A major effort of the Repower America campaign is the Repower Wall, an interactive online forum housing personal videos and written testimonials calling for action to solve the climate crisis. The thousands of contributors to the Wall have been featured in Repower television advertising.[11]

The Repower America brand is shared by the Alliance and by affiliate the Climate Protection Action Fund.[12]

The Climate Project

The Climate Project (TCP) educates and engages people at a peer-to-peer level worldwide about the urgency and solvability of the climate crisis.[13] The Presenters—volunteers trained to give a version of Vice President Al Gore’s slideshow featured in An Inconvenient Truth -- are active in 55 countries and have given a combined total of over 70,000 presentations. The Alliance for Climate Protection and The Climate Project unified their programs and activities in March of 2010.[14]

Repower at Home

In 2010, the Alliance for Climate Protection launched Repower at Home, a national program dedicated to reducing residential energy waste.[15]

Repower at Home provides users with information about saving energy in their own homes, and tools for inspiring others to follow their lead. Repower at Home has challenged Americans to reduce their energy use by the equivalent of seven million pounds of coal by October 10, 2010.[16]

WE Campaign

In March 2008 the Alliance launched a three-year, $300 million campaign aimed at mobilizing Americans to push for aggressive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. This campaign is one of the most ambitious and costly public advocacy campaigns in U.S. history.[17] In August 2008, the We Campaign released a television advertisement demanding that American leaders give the American people "truly clean energy" within ten years (Alliance for Climate Protection's Repower America project)[18]

Reality Coalition

The Alliance for Climate Protection, League of Conservation Voters, National Wildlife Federation, Natural Resources Defense Council and Sierra Club launched the Reality Coalition, a national grassroots and an aggressive multimillion-dollar advertising campaign to change the public perception of clean coal. In early 2009 the Coen Brothers directed a TV commercial for the group titled This Is Reality.


The Climate Protection Action Fund is a non-profit, non-partisan affiliated organization that directly influences the passage of key local, state and federal climate and energy legislation and policies that are critical to solving our most urgent climate problems. According to the website, the Action Fund uses using targeted legislative campaigns, issue advocacy and grassroots organizing to “represent the powerful combined voices of the millions of Americans who understand that global warming is real and that the time to act is now.”[19]

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