Asteroid Belt (album)

Asteroid Belt (album)

Infobox Album
Name = Asteroid Belt
Type = Studio album
Longtype =
Artist = Velvet Chain

Released = November 2003
Recorded = 2002-2003
Genre =
Length = 63:29
Label = Freak Records
Producer = Jeff Stacy
Reviews =
Last album = "Velvet Chain Custom Album"
This album = Asteroid Belt
Next album = "Space Patrol (EP)"

Asteroid Belt is Velvet Chain's 5th album. It was released in November 2003 under the Freak Records label. It is a mix between trip-hop/electronica and jazz. It has a very out of this world feel to it, with many references to outer space in song titles and lyrics, sci-fi style noises in the background, as well using pictures of celestial bodies in the liner notes. This theme fits in well with both the electronica style songs as well as the more laid back pieces.


Band members

*Erika Amato - vocals, percussion, flutes
*Jeff Stacy - bass guitar, synth, samples, computers
*Brian Reardon - guitar, guitar-synth
*Marc Antonio - Keyboards
*Dan Wistrom - guitar
*Arif - guitar
*Jeff Mince - drums, loops

Guest musicians

*David Garfield - piano on tracks 3, 9, 10, 11 and 13. Piano and organ on track 7. Clav on tracks 4 and 8.
*Jerry Corbetta - organ on track 4.
*Jim Pash - gitsitar on tracks 3, 9 and 15.
*Paul Gonzalez - drums on track 16. Percussion on tracks 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 13. Co-engineer on track 16.
*Steve Stassi and Mike Rotondi - horns on track 8.
*John Andrews - steel slide guitar on track 3.
*John Peters - alien vocals on track 14.
*Kevin Dempsey - theremin on tracks 5, 7 and 14.
*Shari Rothman - concert harp on tracks 7 and 9.
*Nolan Livesay - violin and viola on tracks 7 and 9.
*Neil Kramer - electric piano on track 1. Synth on track 5
*Steve Fister - electric guitar on track 5.
*Steven Dietrich - guitar, bass guitar, synth and programming on track 12.
*Jeremy Rublino - electric piano on tracks 3, 9 and 15. Live string section arrangements on tracks 7 and 9 with Jeff Stacy and Erika Amato.

Track listing

#"King of the Moon" (Jeff Stacy, Erika Amato, Brian Reardon, Jeff Mince, Dan Wistrom, Marc Antonio) - 4:16
#"Floating Away" (Stacy, Amato, Mince, Wistrom, B Reardom) - 3:51
#"Sea of Tranquility" (Stacy, Amato, Wistrom, Mince, Antonio, B Reardon) - 5:45
#"Green-Eyed Lady" (J Corbetta, J Phillips, D Reardon) - 3:15
#*This track is a cover of a Sugarloaf song from 1970. Jerry Corbetta, one of the members of Sugarloaf, plays the organ in this song.
#"Spectrum Analyzer" (Stacy, Mince, Antonio, N Kramer) - 2:23
#"Limo" (Stacy, Amato) 3:46
#"Other Side" (Stacy, Amato, B Reardon, S Josephs) - 4:28
#"Cash" (Stacy) - 3:42
#"I Spy" (Stacy, Amato) - 4:25
#"Beat Box" (J Dudley, C Horn, S Jeczalik, M Langan, R Morley) - 1:01
#*This is a cover of a song by Art of Noise. It also appears on a tribute album entitled "Abduction of the Art of Noise".
#"Everyone Loves The Art of Noise" (Stacy, Amato) - 4:35
#*This track is also included on the Art of Noise tribute album "Abduction of the Art of Noise".
#"You Remind Me" (Stacy, S Dietrich) - 2:44
#"Jazz Crashing" (Stacy, B Reardon, D Pippert) - 6:56
#"General Eclectic" (Stacy, Mince, B Reardon, Antonio, Wistrom) - 3:23
#"Meantime" (Stacy, Mince, B Reardon, A Hodzic, Wistrom) 2:31
#"L'Anamour" ( Serge Gainsbourg) - 6:28

External links

* [ The Official Velvet Chain Website]

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