Espresso con panna

Espresso con panna

"Espresso con panna", which means "espresso with cream" in Italian language
, is a single or double shot of espresso topped with whipped cream. In the US it may also be called "café Vienne" and in the UK "café Viennois".

In Vienna the term "Wiener Melange" properly refers to a different drink, made with foamed milk rather than whipped cream. An "espresso con panna" is properly called a "Franziskaner", but ordering a "Wiener Melange" will often yield the arrival this drink even in Vienna.

In France "café Viennois" refers to both an "espresso con panna" and a "Wiener Melange".

Historically served in a demitasse cup, it is perhaps a more old fashioned drink than a latte or cappuccino, though still very popular, whichever name it receives, at Coffeehouses in Budapest and Vienna.

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