Fu Sun Temple

Fu Sun Temple

Fu Sun Temple is one of the oldest and most famous Chinese Buddhist temples in Yangon. It was established 148 years ago. No one knows clearly when and how exactly the temple was built and who were involved it its construction. The temple-tender, Mr., Yang, has been looking after this temple for many years. He said he has absolutely no idea about the initial history of the temple but he said he took part in its renovation in the year 1960

In the beginning when the temple was first built, there wasn’t anything around the temple. Now there is a restaurant and a basketball court within the same compound of the temple. There is also a small artificial body of water in the center of the compound, right in front of the entrance to the temple.

Fu Sun Temple, which refers to the compound as a whole as well as the temple proper, does not have the character of a typical worship place. The seriousness and austerity of a Chinese Temple can not be found here. The whole place has turned out to be something more like a Chinese park. If you stroll around the area, you can see many traditional Chinese sculptures and architectural designs. One would definitely notice the circular Chinese balconies with their stone-made tables and stools. Beside one of the balconies, there is a collection of simple miniature versions of Chinese bridge and towers. One can even take photographs standing on the bridge or sitting beside one of the towers.

The park aims to attract both young and old people to the temple. The message the park is giving out is in such a way that it wants people to think out of the box and untie people's action from their paradigms and preconceptions. Visiting temples for praying and mediating as routines that should be strictly followed have long left the minds of some less-devoted people. Going to the temple and visiting the park has become a pleasurable activity for families, as well as young people who like to play basketball. The laughters of people from the restaurant and the basketball court lighten your heart as you step into the temple.

Fu Sun Temple is situated on Kaba Aye Zedi Road, a block away from the Sedona Hotel.

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