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Lee Byung-hun

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Lee Byung-hun (born on July 12, 1970 in Seoul, South Korea) is a South Korean actor. He is most famous for acting in Park Chan-wook's " Joint Security Area" and Kim Ji-woon's "A Bittersweet Life".

Acting career

Lee made his debut in 1991, starring in the television drama "Asphalt My Hometown". Lee's later movie, "Joint Security Area", was a smash hit, surpassing the box office benchmark set by "Shiri".

After Lee's role in "Bungee Jumping of Their Own", his acting talent gathered widespread recognition.

Lee has recently played a part in the movie "Everybody Has Secrets" with Choi Ji Woo, Chu Sang Mi and Kim Hyo Jin, a movie about three sisters who fall in love with Lee Soo-hyon. Soo-hyon falls in love with one of the sisters, leaving the other two heartbroken. The movie has reached a very high bid of US$5.5 million in Japan." A Bittersweet Life", released in 2005, was well received by critics.

In 2005, Lee released his biographies "Limited", "Brave" and "Human" during his visit to Singapore, a 3-DVD collection in which he talked about his life and acting career.

His likeness was used for the main character in the Capcom video game "" which was released on January 12, 2007.

In December 2007, it was confirmed that Lee was cast as the villain Storm Shadow in the upcoming live-action "G.I. Joe" film. [ [http://www.iesb.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3973&Itemid=99 IESB.net - Movie News, Reviews, Interviews and More! - UPDATED WITH STUDIO CONFIRMATION - GI Joe Casting! ] ] This will become his Hollywood debut film. [citeweb |url=http://www.asahi.com/culture/korea/TKY200802100058.html |title=イ・ビョンホン、ハリウッドメジャー映画のオファー受ける |accessdate=2008-02-11]

Personal information

Lee is fluent in English and able to speak French and Mandarin, in addition to his native Korean. He also has a Westernised name, Brian. [ [http://www.leebyunghun.com.hk/pmain_eng.htm Profile] ; [http://www.byunghunlee.org/happymoments/021103-01.htm BH Meets Singapore Fans in Seoul] ]

Lee is a Buddhist. [cite web |url=http://www.leebyunghun.com/2005/about/about_profile_English.html |title=Lee Byung Hun-Profile |accessdate=2008-05-29 |publisher=Byunghun & Rubeurs ]

Lee was shooting "Harmonium in My Memory" in 1997 when his father, Lee In-chul, died. Lee's younger sister, Lee Eun-Hee is eight years his junior. She was the the 1997 Miss Korea.

He was also once romantically linked to actress Song Hye Kyo (Song Hae Gyo) who was the lead actress in the drama All In.


*2009 ""
*2008 "The Good, the Bad, the Weird"
*2008 "I Come with the Rain"
*2007 "HERO"
*2006 "Once in a Summer"
*2005 "A Bittersweet Life"
*2004 "Three Extremes" - segment "Cut"
*2004 "Everybody Has Secrets"
*2002 "Addicted"
*2001 "Bungee Jumping of Their Own"
*2000 "Joint Security Area"
*1999 "Harmonium in My Memory"
*1997 "Elegy of the Earth"
*1996 "Kill the Love"
*1995 "Runaway"
*1995 "Who Drives Me Mad?"


* 2009 IRIS
* 2003 All In
* 2001 Beautiful Days
* 2001 Road
* 1999 Sally is Back
* 1999 Sun Flower
* 1999 Happy Together
* 1998 White Night 3.98
* 1997 White Sand
* 1997 I Do
* 1997 Beautiful My Lady
* 1995 Son Of Wind
* 1995 The Asphalt Guy(The Legend Of Car God)
* 1994 The Fragrance of Love
* 1993 Police
* 1993 The Sorrow of the Survivor
* 1992 Tomorrow Love
* 1992 Dawn
* 1992 Days of Sunshine
* 1992 Wild Sunflower
* 1991 Flower That Never Wilt
* 1991 Family
* 1991 Asphalt My Hometown, Asphalt


* Best Leading Actor, (movie category) of 2006, 42nd Baek-sang Award
* Best Leading Actor, Korean Film Award (2005)
* Best Leading Actor, Busan Cinema Critics Award (2005)
* Best Performing Actor (drama category) of 2003, 39th Baek-sang Award
* Best Performing Actor (movie category) of 2002, 38th Baek-sang Award
* Best Performing Actor of 2001, SBS
* Blue Dragon Most Popular Actor (2001)
* Photogenic Prize & Korea Image Grand Prix
* Best Leading Actor, Busan Cinemas Critics Award (2000)
* Best Performing Actor of 1996, KBS (Dec 96)
* Best Performing Actor of 1995, KBS (Dec 95)
* Best Performing Actor of 1993, KBS (Dec 93)
* Best Performing Actor of 1992, KBS (Dec 92)


* Daewang Elementary School
* Youngdong Middle School
* Chungdong High School
* Hanyang University
* (Major in French Literature)
* Graduate School of Chung-Ang University (Major in Theater and Cinematography)


External links

* [http://www.leebyunghun.com/ Official Site]
* [http://www.leebyunghun.com.hk/ Hong Kong Fan Page (In English/Chinese)]
* [http://www.cinemakorea.com/leebyunghun.htm Profile Page]
* [http://byunghun.excite.co.jp/ Japanese Official Fan Club Site]
* [http://www.byunghunlee.pe.kr/ Korean/Japanese Fansite]
* [http://www.gbreak.com/index/directory/directory_entertainment_373_display.html Lee Byung-Hun Profile & Photo Gallery]
* [http://www.byunghunlee.org/ Singapore fansite]

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