Wren (disambiguation)

Wren (disambiguation)

Wren may refer to:


* A small bird from one of four families:
**"Troglodytidae", the true wrens
**"Acanthisittidae", the New Zealand "wrens"
**"Maluridae", the Australasian "wrens"
**"Acanthizidae" subfamily "Sericornithinae", the scrubwrens, heathwrens and fernwren
* A "Rhododendron" hybrid (a flowering plant), "R. ludlowii x E. keiskei" 'Yaku Fairy'


* Alan Wren (born 1964), English rock drummer
* Bob Wren (born 1974), Canadian ice hockey player
* Christopher Wren (1632–1723), English architect and scientist
* Frank Wren (born 1958), American baseball executive
* John Wren (1871–1953), Australian businessman
* M. K. Wren (born 1938), American author
* Matthew Wren (1585–1667), English clergyman and scholar
* P. C. Wren (1875–1941), British author
* Thomas Wren (1826–1904), American politician
* Wren Blackberry, American teacher and author
* Wren Blair (born 1925), a former Canadian ice hockey coach

Fictional characters

* Wren, a scientist from the movie ""
* The Wren, an escape artist from the movie "Cube"
* Wren Elessedil, a character from the "Heritage of Shannara" series of fantasy novels
* Wren (character), the orphanage-director-assigned name of the protagonist of a series of fantasy-fiction books by Sherwood Smith
* Wren ("Phantasy Star III"), an android from the video game "Phantasy Star III"
* Wren ("Phantasy Star IV"), a different android from the video game "Phantasy Star IV"
* Wren McPherson, the third and last child of Darryl and Wanda McPherson in the comic strip "Baby Blues"
* Wren Natsworthy, daughter to Tom and Hester Natsworthy in the last installments of Phillip Reeve's "Mortal Engines Quartet"


* Wren, Mississippi, a village
* Wren, Ohio, a village
* Wren, Oregon, an unincorporated community
* Wrens, Georgia, a small city


* Wren Building, the oldest academic building in the U.S., located at the College of William & Mary
* Wren (Royal Navy), the unofficial name of members of the British Women's Royal Naval Service
* The Wrens, a band from the U.S. state of New Jersey
* The Wrens, a nickname for the Rydalmere Cricket Club
* Wren & Martin, a series of English grammar textbooks
* The Wren Society, a secret society at William and Mary

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