Legend of Chun Hyang

Legend of Chun Hyang

:A handsome traveler who flirts with women, including Chun Hyang, much to her displeasure.

*The Ryanban of Ryonfi :Hyantan is a girl that Chun Hyang saved from Ryanban's son in the first story.

*Eun Ryoung and Chun Ryoung:Two beautiful sisters who are Mudang, known as "the sisters smiled upon by God". Since they were children, they have been able to hear the voices of the gods. Yago requests their help to perform a rain dance to bring back the rains to Sue-Ro. The younger sister's name, Chun Ryoung, is written with the same character as Chun Hyang, who feels an immediate bond with her as a result.

*Yago:An elderly and respected Mudang, who calls upon Eun Ryoung and Chun Ryoung for help to bring rain back to the town of Sue-Ro. Though powerful, her age prevents her from effectively fighting back against An Chon.

*The Ryanban of Sue-Ro:A beautiful but vain woman who became Ryanban of the town of Sue-Ro. She keeps the water all for herself in order to surround herself with the beautiful water flowers of Sue-Ro, which have valuable medicinal properties, which she will not let anyone else have.

*An Chon:The Mudang of the Ryanban of Sue-Ro. He erects an altar and performed a dance to anger the gods and prevent any rainfall in Sue-Ro. An Chon remains at the side of the Ryanban of Sue-Ro because he desires status and power.


Chun Hyang or also known as Chun'yan, appears in several episodes on the anime of ' Although in ' she appears as a little girl, and the Yanban and his son are drawn really differently compared to the manga of the original story.

She appears in:

*The Country of Koryo
*Piffle World as one of the contestants of the Dragonfly Race
*Chibi world in Episode 37 as a student

Other media

There was a drama CD released in 1994. The script for the drama CD was written by CLAMP.

* Release date: November 30, 1994"'cite web
url = http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B000064DAB/sr=1-1/qid=1187485862/ref=olp_product_details/503-0251173-0724734?ie=UTF8&qid=1187485862&sr=1-1&seller=| title =Amazon.co.jp on 行人 KOUJIN single| accessdate = 2007-09-07
Lyrics by: Nanase Ohkawa
Arrangement and composition: Kazuhiko Tōyama
Song by: Eiko Yamane


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