Fundraising for the 2008 United States presidential election

Fundraising for the 2008 United States presidential election

Fundraising plays a central role in many presidential campaigns, and is a key factor in determining the viability of candidates. Money raised is applied in many ways, such as for the salaries of non-volunteers in the campaign, transportation, campaign materials, and media advertisements. Under United States law, candidates are required to file campaign finance details with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) at the end of every calendar quarter. Summaries of these reports are made available to the public shortly thereafter, revealing the relative financial situations of all the campaigns.

Election Cycle Summary

On February 22, 2008, the New York Times reported for the period through January 31, 2008, with Hillary Clinton's campaign spending $106 million, Barack Obama's campaign spending $115 million and John McCain's committee $41 million."] In general, the current Federal Elections Commission election cycle-to-date statistics may be viewed online, in summary and tablular form. [ Federal Elections Commission, 2007-2008 Cycle [] Retrieved April 8, 2008]

Through December 31, 2007

Quarterly FEC reports summarize the total contributions (from individuals, political party committees, other political committees, and the candidate), loans, receipts (incoming money), and disbursements (outgoing money) for the election cycle. The tables immediately below include finance totals from the start of the election cycle up to December 31, 2007. All values in US dollars. Candidates sorted by total campaign contributions.


† This candidate has withdrawn his presidential bid.

‡ This candidate has suspended his presidential bid.


† Number equals third quarter totals only. Friends of Fred Thompson Inc. received $3,077,290 covering period 06/04/2007 to 06/30/2007, and reported $12,828,110 in total receipts for the third quarter report. [ [ Contributions For Friends Of Fred Thompson Inc ] ]

2nd Quarter 2007

Campaign Finance Information according to the Federal Elections Commission as of July 17, 2007. [ [ SELECTED PRESIDENTIAL REPORTS FOR THE 2007 JULY QUARTERLY ] ]




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