Space Transport Corporation

Space Transport Corporation

Space Transport Corporation, or STC, was a company based in Forks, Washington whose goal is to commercialize space. The company was founded in 2002 by Eric Meier and Philip Storm. The company plans to provide small payload launch and space tourism services. The company liquidated its assets in February 2005 [ [ The Space Fellowship :: View topic - Space Transport Corporation ] ] and was completely defunct by late 2006 [ [ The Space Fellowship :: View topic - Is STC Gone? ] ] .

TC vehicles


The Spartan Three Stage Rocket is a vehicle intended to carry payloads of 1 to 5 kg into suborbit. The rocket has been tested to 80 km, and commercial launches are planned for 2005.

Nano-Satellite Orbital Launch Vehicle

The Nano-Satellite Orbital Launch Vehicle, or N-SOLV, is a vehicle designed to carry a 10 kg payload to orbit. The corporation plans to sell the launch service for under a million United States dollars. The vehicle's intended payload is nano-satellites.

Rubicon I

Rubicon I was a test vehicle designed to carry 270 kg (or two people) to 100 km for $75,000. The vehicle was destroyed in August 2004 during a launch test due to a propellant formulation error.

Rubicon II

The Rubicon II is the replacement to Rubicon I. The design is identical to the Rubicon I, except for a few error fixes. As of November 22, 2004] , work on the Rubicon II has ceased in favor of the Spartan.

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External links

* [ Official Website] - no longer active
* [ A recent Seattle PI article on the company]
* [ Official Space Transportation Corporation Forum]
* [ The Stevie Austin Project Web Site (a hilarious spoof of the Rubicon disaster from the point of view of the Female Astronaut Test Dummy who was severely injured when the Rubicon crashed. "Stevie" had to be "rebuilt" by a team of medical specialists committed to her recovery - Six Million Dollar Man style!)]

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