Order of Battle Anti-Japanese Allied Army Campaign of 1933

Order of Battle Anti-Japanese Allied Army Campaign of 1933

The Order of Battle Chahar People's Anti-Japanese Allied Army in the Inner Mongoia campaign of 1933.

The Chahar People's Anti-Japanese Army consisted mostly of former Northwestern Army units under Feng Yuxiang, troops from Fang Zhenwu's Resisting Japan and Saving China Army, remnants of the provincial forces from Jehol, Anti-Japanese volunteers from Manchuria and local forces from Chahar and Suiyuan. The strength of the force was approximately 100,000 men.


Chahar People's Anti-Japanese Army

Chahar People's Anti-Japanese Army - CinC Feng Yuxiang

Former Northwestern Army: - Ji Hongchang

  • 1st Corps - Tong Linge*
    • 1st Division - Peng Zhengguo
    • 2nd Division - Zhi Yinglin
    • Independent Brigade - Liu Keyi
    • 24th Division - Fu Chun *
    • 25th Division - Ma Guanjun
  • 2nd Corps - Ji Hongchang
    • 3rd Cavalry Division - Zhou Yixuan
    • 4th Division - Xu Ronghua
    • 5th Division - Xuan Xiafu
    • 6th Division - Li Tingzhen
  • 6th Corps - Zhang Lingyun*
    • Guerrilla Division - Mie Yuling*
    • 2nd Cavalry Division - Hu Yunshan
  • Herald Corps - Sun Liangcheng*
    • 1st Column - Lei Zhongtian
    • 2nd Column - Gao Shuxun

Resisting-Japan and Saving-China Army: - Fang Zhenwu

  • 1st Corps - Zhang Renjie*
    •  ? Division - Song Tielin
    •  ? Division - Du Guangming
    •  ? Division - Song Kebin *
    •  ? Brigade - Cui Guoqing
    • Cavalry Brigade - Gu Youqi
  • 4th Corps - Mi Wenhe
    • Teaching Division - Wang Zhongfu
  • 5th Corps - Ruan Xuanwu*
    • 16th Division - Ji Handong
    • 18th Division - Xu Quanzhong

Other allied forces

  • Northeastern Loyal and Brave Army - Feng Zhanhai*
    • 10th Cavalry Division - Deng Wenze +
    • 11th Cavalry Division - Tan Zixin *
    • 12th Cavalry Division - Wu Songlin
    • 21st Cavalry Brigade - Guo Fenglai
    • 1st Infantry Brigade - Tang Zhongxin
  • Jehol Anti Japanese Militia or 18th Corps - Huang Shouzhong *
    • 32nd Division - Huang Shouzhong
    • 33nd Division - Tan Shilin
    • 34nd Division - Yan Shangyuan
    • 4th Cavalry Division - Yao Jingchuan *
  • Chahar Self-Defense Army - Zhang Lisheng *
    • 1st Division - Zhang Ziguang
    • 2nd Division - Cao Han
    • 3rd Division - Bai Zhenbao
    • 1st Detachment - Wang De Zhong
    • 2nd Detachment - Jiao Pozhai
  • 13th Independent Division - Ren Ping Zhi
  • Ethnic-Mongol army - Teh Wang
    • 1st Cavalry - Teh Wang
    • 2nd Cavalry - Jodbajab
    • Self-Defense Army - Fu Linga
  • Bandits and former puppet troops


  • * Given military commands or position to desert the Anti Japanese Army cause by Song Zheyuan.
  • + Assassinated.

Japanese and Manchurian forces in the Dolonor area


  • 4th Cavalry Brigade - Major Gen. Mogi (over 2000 men and artillery)


Chinese Forces sent against the Anti-Japan Allied Army

Said to be 16 Divisions, including:

Shanxi Provincial forces closing the Shanxi / Chahar border - Yan Xishan

Suiyuan Provincial forces closing the Suiyuan / Chahar border

Controlling Peiking – Suiyuan Railway.

Units in the final battle against the Anti Japanese Army outside Peiking.


  • 中国抗日战争正面战场作战记 (China's Anti-Japanese War Combat Operations)
    • Guo Rugui, editor-in-chief Huang Yuzhang
    • Jiangsu People's Publishing House
    • Date published : 2005-7-1
    • ISBN 7-214-03034-9
    • Online in Chinese: http://www.wehoo.net/book/wlwh/a30012/04574.htm
      • 第二部分:从“九一八”事变到西安事变察哈尔民众抗日同盟军 1
      • Part II : from the "September 18 Incident" to the Xi'an Incident: Anti-Japan military alliance

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