Google Advertising Professional

Google Advertising Professional

Google launched the Google Advertising Professionals program in November, 2004 [cite web|url=|title=Web Pro News] , in response to the growing need for consultants to help the increasing number of new Google AdWords clients with their AdWords campaigns.

In terms of work performed by Google Advertising Professionals, they typically handle the following tasks:
#Top to bottom review of client website, business model, and industry.
#Analysis to determine client's core keywords.
#Creation of ad copy to promote client's website on Google AdWords.
#Determination of appropriate daily budget, ad scheduling, network targeting, and match type(s).
#Determination of appropriate maximum cost-per-click and landing pages for specific keywords.
#Appropriate follow-up and campaign monitoring.

Although Google AdWords is primarily a self service program, clients bring on Google Advertising Professionals for many reasons:
#So that the clients can focus on their business itself, not the search campaigns.
#It is less expensive to hire a Google Advertising Professional than to hire an in-house employee.
#Clients are displeased with their existing campaigns' results.
#Clients simply want to have a specialist handling this important part of their marketing mix.

Typically, Google Advertising Professionals fees may or may not include: a set-up fee, a monthly management fee, an hourly fee, and/or a percentage of total ad spend. To locate a Google Advertising Professional, Google recommends that you do a Google Maps search for Google Advertising Professionals.

Google Advertising Professionals range from self-employed individuals specializing in search engine marketing to full service ad agencies that cover all types of media (both online & offline). [cite web|url=|title=Google Advertising Professionals Qualified Individual Page]

In order to become a Qualified Individual in the Google Advertising Professionals program, a number of criteria must be met:
#Successfully sign up for the Google Advertising Professionals program and be in good standing (Rules of Use have been accepted and the individual isn't in violation of them).
#Manage at least one Google AdWords account (one's own or someone else's) in My Client Center for a 90 days period.
#Attain a level of at least $1,000 (or local currency equivalent) in total ad spend within one's My Client Center account during the previous 90-day period.
#Pass the Google Advertising Professional Exam. Google suggests that one take the exam after the above requirements have been met. [cite web|url=|title=Google Advertising Professionals Qualified Company Page]

In order to become a Qualified Company in the Google Advertising Professionals program, a number of criteria must be met:
#Maintain a billing & mailing address in a country where company qualification is available.
#Employ no less than two Qualified Individuals in the program. Individuals must be qualified under the main company-registered My Client Center account and not their own account.
#Attain a specific level of total ad spend (varies by country) within the company's My Client Center account during the previous 90-day period.

Every two years, a Google Advertising Professional must re-take the Google Advertising Professional Exam. This ensures that all Google Advertising Professionals are familiar with new developments within the AdWords program.


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